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Hiking With Dogs: What You Should Know

Hiking is one of the greatest parts of spring and early summer. You can see and feel the wonders of nature. And it’s always best to spend that time with your best friend. If you’re planning to hit the trails, make sure to take some of these essential items when you go on a hike with your dogs.

Checklist before hiking with dogs

1. Bring Water and Food

You can never have too much water on a trail. Take as much as you can carry comfortably. Then grab a collapsible bowl so you can pop it open anytime your pup. You can also fill up a few bottle half way and then freeze them on their sides. Then you can fill the other half with water and have ice cold water during your hike.  Don’t forget to ring treats for yourself and your dog. Depending on how long the hike is you may want to bring more than just treats and pack a small bag of dog food.

2. Know your limits

It’s easy to think you can do a trail that is longer than you think. You have to consider walking there and back. Think about your local walks and how long and steep they are. A trail may be shorter, but the incline could be harder. You have to know, realistically, what your capabilities are when it comes to endurance. The same thing goes with time. Don’t start a long hike too close to dusk. In the trees or covered by mountains it gets dark faster than you think. Make sure you have ample time for your hike and to get back to your car before dusk sets in.

3. First aid kit & Dog back packs

Grabbing at least a small first aid kit and stashing it in a backpack is a must any time you’re hiking. And you don’t have to carry the load all on your own. Your dog can easily wear their own backpack with their supplies. In fact it can help give them their own sense of purpose on the trial.

4. Tags/ID with leash and collar

Never go on a trail without a leash and collar. Also, snap a quick picture of your dog before you head out. This way if they get lost you can have a picture to show around. If you can bring an extra leash and collar to stash in your bag. If they get caught on something or the leash breaks, having a spare is imperative.

5. Poop Bags and etiquette

You can never forget your trail etiquette. Our dog has to abide by the same rules we do. And make sure to stand your ground if you don’t want people to interact with your dog. People are naturally attracted to dogs and they think it’s okay to pet them. However, if you know your dog isn’t fond of interaction, don’t hesitate to let people know. And don’t forget that the rule of the trail is “what you pack in, you pack out.” This goes for dog waste as well. No one wants to step in poo while hiking, so make sure to bring plenty of bags for clean up.

This is the perfect time of year to get out and about with your dog. If you’re looking for some great walks or hikes with your dog check out these Top 10 Trails in the New South Wales area.

We’d love to hear all about your hiking experience with your dog(s)! So, tell us about them in the comments below or on a Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to contact us to help care for your precious pup while you’re away from home. Happy Hiking Everyone!