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5 Friendliest Cat Breeds-part one

Everyone has an opinion on their favorite cat breed (my favorite didn’t make the list-Siamese); however, we chose the following breeds five breeds (more to come) based on Jacqui Bennett’s recommendations (judge for the Cat Fanciers Association Education Ring)

1. Persians:
• TEMPERMENT: gentle, playful and sweet
• GROOMING: be aware that proper maintenance such as daily combing is important to eliminate tangles and hairballs in their luxurious coats
• FUN FACT: Persian cat was first shown in 1871 in at the world’s first organized cat show in London, England

2. Exotic:
• TEMPERMENT: friendly to canine/feline friends and playful/curious; however, unhappy with being left alone
• GROOMING: Daily grooming isn’t needed; however, combing/ brushing weekly is suggested to reduce shedding/hairballs and remove loose hair.
• FUN FACT: they became a new breed in 1966 after American Shorthair breeder and Cat Fanciers’ Association judge Jane Martinke recognized them

3. Bombay:
• TEMPERMENT: Great choice for children because she’s highly social and craves attention; however, don’t choose this breed if you’re unavailable to frequently interact with her
• GROOMING: According to Vetstreet, brush weekly to “keep his thick coat shiny and healthy”
• FUN FACT: Breed’s nickname is the “mini-panther”

4. Cornish Rex:
• TEMPERMENT: If you are looking for a breed that is dog-like, you found one! In addition to being people-oriented, she will toss/catch small objects and even play fetch
• GROOMING: According to Wikipedia, they have “no hair except for down”. Because of their fine coat, petting should be enough. If you do comb, be gentle so you don’t hurt them.
• FUN FACT: In Cornwall, England; the breed first appeared in a litter of barn cats in 1950.

5. Birman
• TEMPERMENT: Looking for an even-tempered, patient, and tolerant cat to join your family with children? Birman’s are a great choice because they are playful and enjoy being with people plus eager for attention.
• GROOMING: According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, “their coats do not mat, and they require a minimum amount of grooming”.
• FUN (SAD) FACT: At the end of WWII, only two Birmans were left in Europe

Regardless of what breed of cat you have, TAILored Cat Services will provide him/her love and care while you’re on vacation. Check out our Services section to know more. Agree or disagreed with our breed choices? Share your views down below in the comment section.



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