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Holistic Ways To Manage Pet’s Fall Allergies

Sometimes allergies in the fall can be worse than allergies in the spring. Dry leaves falling and cooler temperatures can stir up a lot of allergens for us and our pets. You may not have realized that pets can suffer from allergies just like us, but they do. My cat, Gracie, is one of these sufferers and often gets rough itchy patches on her skin during the fall months. It can be hard to watch her suffer, so that’s why we turned to holistic ways to manage her allergies.


  • Eye and nasal discharge
  • Itching/Scratching or licking/chewing at body parts (Pruritus)
  • Fur Loss
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing

Also, just like humans, our pets can develop and lose sensitivities at any time in their lives. Some years may be easier or harder than others. Thankfully there are things that we can do at home to help ease our pet’s sensitivity fall.

Ways to manage fall allergies:

  1. Keep windows closed
  2. Vacuum at least once a week
  3. Keep filters changed and clean
  4. Visit the vet for yearly exams in the fall to check on allergies
  5. Use over the counter pet eye solution to help discharge
  6. Apply coconut oil or witch hazel to irritated skin
  7. Utilize oat baths
  8. Enrich their diets with high protein, vegetables, fruits and quality fiber
  9. Keep their weight at healthy levels all year long
  10. Stay on top of bathing and grooming


The most important thing you can do is if your pet is suffering from allergies make sure to contact your vet. They will be able to give you tailored, just for your pet, advice. Let them know of any at home remedies you have tried or are thinking about trying. Depending on your pet’s breed, weight and age they may advise different treatments and diets to try. Never change your pet’s diet without contacting your vet first.

Does your pet suffer from such issues? Let us know what treatments you’ve tried and what worked best for your pet in the comments below or you can share it on our Twitter and Facebook page!