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Throw A GREAT Holiday Dog Party – PART 2

Once you’ve decided to throw an awesome dog holiday party you have to start planning out the details. Because they should have some fun this holiday season too, right? First, you have to plan out the place, the theme and the guest list, which we talked about last week. Then you can figure out the fun stuff like the food games as well as important details such as safety. After all, to make a party complete you need to have lots of yummy food and fun games.

Top Food to Serve 

  • Hot Dogs – Cut them up into small pieces and then place them in the microwave until well done. This will make them less greasy, but still a delicious treat for a dog at a party!
  • Hamburgers – The key to serving your four legged guests this treat is to make sure the cut is lean and unseasoned. So, before you marinate and season the burgers for the human guests, make a few plain patties for the pups. Take a few burgers and cut them up into delicious morsels that your dog party is sure to love.
  • Grilled Veggies – Dogs also tend to love veggies like sweet potato, zucchini, and carrots. Just leave out all of the additives like butter and sugar to avoid and digestion issues.
  • Special Treats – You can either make some homemade treats or buy some from the local pet store. Think about maybe a doggy cake, cupcakes or a nice big dog treat bone for your guests. They are pretty easy to make at home, but buying them from the store works just as well!


Best Games and Activities:

  • Dog Training – Invite a dog trainer to come and give a small lesson about obedience and manners for dogs. Have them focus on jumping on guests (for your holiday parties) and basic commands such as come, sit, and stay. All the pet parent guests will love this aspect of the party!
  • Doggy “photo booth” – Hire a photographer and have props for dogs and pet parents to use for some extremely cute photos. From little hats to soccer balls and giant glasses, there are tons of ideas for an adorable impromptu photo session.
  • Set up an agility course – Get a few weave poles, a ramp, a tunnel, maybe a few steps for jumps and set up your own agility course. Have the dogs practice a few times before running times and see which pup can complete the course the fastest.
  • Bone Hunt – It’s a lot like a kid’s scavenger hunt, the players search for dog bones that are hidden around the party. You can use a box of real dog bones, use toy bones or treat bones. Since dogs tend to bury their bones, you may want to hide some of the bones under things. Once all of the bones are hidden, divide players into two teams. Then let them loose to find as many bones as they can.


Having a dog holiday party is a great way to get your dog involved in all of the fun we have during the holiday season. Plus, it’s a great spin on a holiday party that lets you spend time with your human friends too! Have you ever thrown a holiday party for your dog? If so, let us know how it went and what you did in the comments below!