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Throw A GREAT Dog Holiday Party – PART 1

The calendar in December tends to fill up fast. There are fun festivities around every corner for us to enjoy. We often find ourselves living it up attending holiday parties with the office, friends and family all season long. But what about our canine companions? They like to have fun too! That’s why you should throw a great dog holiday party this year just for them.

It just takes a little planning and you’ll have a fantastic fido party for your dog and all their furry friends. And to make it easier for you, we have some great ideas and how-to’s already planned out for you!

Decide where you will have the party

A dog party doesn’t have to be at your house. While your house or backyard may be the perfect place, there are other venues to consider. Depending on the season and climate of your area you first need to choose an indoor or outdoor area.

Party Place Ideas:

  • Fenced in backyard
  • Dog park
  • Obedience/training schools
  • Dog-Friendly Beaches
  • Doggy day-care facility

As long as the place is pet-friendly it could probably be a great place for a pup party. Also, make sure that if you are choosing an indoor space that there is a convenient outdoor area for trips to the potty.

Pick a Holiday Theme

Next, you’ll want to pick a theme for the party. You can stick to a regular holiday theme, but there are a lot of fun ideas you can run with too.

  • Ugly Dog Sweater Theme: This is great for parties when it’s a little chilly out.
  • A Snoopy Christmas: Decorate with the Peanuts gang and don’t forget the red house and Woodstock!
  • Santa Paws & His Crew: Have guests dress up as their favorite holiday character
  • A New Year A New Pup: Center this theme around basic obedience training and commands that will help your dog be on their best behavior in the new year.
  • July in Christmas: Flip the script on Christmas in July by throwing a luau in December.

Consider the guest list:

Don’t think you have to invite every furry friend your dog has ever made. Even though you want to make sure there are plenty of pups at the party, you also want to make sure it is peaceful. Invite only the dogs that you know are friendly with your dog and have a pleasant demeanor in general.

Also, try to get an even number of male and female dogs. This is especially for older dogs, but this is not as necessary for young puppies. And don’t forget to consider their human counterparts! Make sure you include the pet-parents at the party.

Some guests to think about:

  • Neighbors you see on your daily walks
  • Dogs that attend any obedience classes or puppy day care with your dog
  • Pups you see often at the park
  • Your friend’s and family’s fur children

Once you have your guest list, make some invitations and send them out! Don’t forget to include a request to bring their leashes and their own balls (B.Y.O.B, of course!).

That’s all we have for today, but that’s not all we have in store for you. Make sure to stay tuned next week for the rest of our tips! We’ve got so many ideas about party food and games, plus safety tips to ensure that everyone has a great time!

Do you already have plans for the holidays? We would like to hear about it. Leave your comments below or head to our Facebook page. Feel free to contact us in case you need help taking care of your pets this holiday season.