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Grooming Tips for Springtime

Over the winter we all can get a little fluffier. They don’t call it a “winter coat” for nothing, right? And then when spring comes it’s time to shed unwanted layers. For us humans that often means pounds, but more often than not for our pets, it means shedding their fur. That’s where some much needed springtime grooming comes into play.

While it is true that pets do shed all year long, it happens even more so in the spring. That’s why along with pollen covering everything, you may start seeing tumbleweeds of fur rolling around as well.

Basic grooming tips you need this spring:

Start clean & keep them clean

The shedding season is best kicked off with a good shampooing session. It will help eliminate dead flaking skin and debris from their coat. Make sure to use shampoos on meant for dogs because human shampoo can cause irritation and dryness. Keep them clean by frequently washing their beds and blankets. Also, soak their leashes and harnesses in gentle soap and hot water.

Brushing the coat with a good brush

First off, pick a good brush for your pet.

  • Boar bristles are good for all fur type and help circulate the oil into the coat
  • Shedding blades are good if your dog has a feathery undercoat
  • Rubber curry brushes can be a good choice for short hair, undercoats and circulation
  • Slicker brushes should be used for mats and tangles
  • Wire brushes are made for longer coats or thick and multilayered coats


There is no way to discount how important diet and nutrition is to your dog’s coat. Just like for us, we need to eat right or take vitamins to make our hair and nails shiny and strong. That’s why it’s no surprise that your pet needs a well balanced diet too. Don’t change your pet’s diet before talking to your vet, but making sure they have omega-3 fatty acids is a good place to start.

Being proactive is the best thing you can do for your pet’s fur. Keeping it healthy will help to avoid irritation, itchy skin, and matting. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some one on one time bonding with your pet. What are your favorite grooming tips or groomers in our area? Let us know on our Facebook channel or in the comments below!