Playing Fetch with Fido

Playing with the dog, throwing frisbee.

Middle aged woman playing with her border collie dog in the park.

Whether the sun is shining or you’re stuck in the living room on a rainy day, a game of fetch is always fun. Some dogs are fetch-experts, others…well, they may need a little help. Either way, practice makes perfect. Not to mention you and your dog can always learn new tricks to impress your friends and family.

Basics in learning how to play fetch:

Get your dog interested in the ball – Sometimes we think that our dogs should automatically want to chase a ball and bring it back. However, this doesn’t always happen. So, your goal is to first, get them to desire the ball. You can do this by putting a little peanut butter or even rubbing it with their favorite toy. Then throw it a short distance. Continue this while tossing the ball a little further each time.

Teach them how to bring it back – Throwing the ball can be much easier than bringing it back for another toss. An easy to teach them is to have another enticing ball in your lap. Then, encourage your dog to pick up the first ball and bring it towards you. If they don’t bring it directly to you at first, it’s okay. Start by throwing the second ball behind you so your dog gets the idea to come back towards you for more fun.

Dropping the ball – A lot of dogs get a little possessive of their new ball. They don’t always want to drop it easily. Start to offer them a tiny treat to let go of it. Also, you can use treats when your dog brings the ball back to you if they run away with it.

Extra Pro-Tips:

  1. You know what works best for your dog, find out what motivates them the most.
  2. If you’re trying to harness your fetch, don’t play keep away. It will only confuse them.
  3. Find good places for fetch, like wide-open fields or grassy areas near a creek. Go back there frequently to engrain the game in their memory.

Switch up the game:

It’s always fun to keep your dog on their toes. An easy way to do this is by mixing up the game with new toys. There are some pretty neat toys out there that make an old game of fetch new again.

Dog Rope Chew with Ball

Play Tug of War with Your Tough Small to Medium Size Puppy that Struggles with Boredom who Needs a Toy that is Indestructible

Dog Rope Chew Toys with Ball – 1 Count – Color Will Vary

Add a little tug-of-war to the game with this chew toy and ball combo.

iFetch Ball Launcher

Launches Mini Tennis Balls, Small

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

Occasionally we’re done playing way before they are. Or they want to run further than we can throw. That’s when this interactive ball launcher is perfect to spice up the game!

KONG Wubba Dog Toy

For tossing and tugging dog games.

KONG® Wubba™ Dog Toy (Color Varies)

A new take on the classic toy is a great way to update your game.

There is no doubt that fetch is one of the all time favorite games you can play with your dog. We’d love to hear some of your fetch stories, or even see some pictures! Head to our Facebook or Twitter and share how you play fetch with you dog!

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