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Top 10 Pet Safe Plants for Gardening

Spring is the season for sprucing up your gardens and porches. However, there are some plants out there that are not pet safe. So, before you hit up the nursery make sure you know that you’re not accidentally buying a toxic plant.

Top 10 Pet Safe Plants to Pick for Gardening 

  1. Purple Basil: Add a subtle color with a nice bush of purple basil. Not only is it non-toxic, it’s actually delicious! You can toss it in a salad or preserve it in oil or vinegar to make basil pesto.  
  2. Creeping Rosemary : Another great herb you can plant is the creeping rosemary. It’s never a bad idea to fill up your garden or yard with a fragrant low growing bush. And of course, it’s pet safe and tasty!
  3. African Daisy: If you’re looking for a safe pop of color in your yard then African Daisy is the perfect addition. They can also survive droughts and in partial or full sun all summer long.
  4. Snapdragons: These beautiful patches of color add vertical depth to any garden. Best of all, they are easy to grow and love the sun. And they make for some gorgeous flower arrangements.
  5. Windmill Palm: You may think that palm trees are only suitable in sunny California or Florida, but that’s not the case. These are durable, cold hardy palms that can survive in northern states. They thrive both in pots or in the ground.
  6. Heuchera  (Coral Bells): These low growing mounds can range from green, to purple, orange and even black. Their big contrasting bell leaves are safe in case your pet thinks they are snack.
  7. Pineapple Sage: Not only does this plant add some beautiful green and pink to your yard, it smells absolutely heavenly. It attracts hummingbirds and can be used in sangria, salsa, and fruit salads.
  8. Polka Dot Plant: Another wonderful low growing pet safe plant is the Polka-Dot Plant. They are great in shaded areas and adds pale pink to your landscape.
  9. Canna Lily: A gorgeous red sun loving flower that brings more color into your life. It gives you a tropical feel all summer long. All you’ll need is an ice cold drink and a tennis ball to throw to Fido.
  10. Fennel: One last awesome herb to grow in your garden is the Fennel plant. It can help with congestion, conjunctivitis, upset stomachs and even snake or insect bites. And its fine bushy appearance adds a little softness to your garden.

You can easily have both a garden that is beautiful and healthy for you and your pet. For more information on what plants are pet safe or toxic, check out this list from the ASPCA. Happy Planting!