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Microchipping Your Pets-3 Reasons Why

If you’re a pet owner,  you’ve probably heard about microchipping your pet. This method of identification is different than your usual ID collars and pet tags. Microchip implants are an integrated circuit that is placed under the skin of your pet to help ID them in case they are lost. It’s usually about the size of a grain of rice and will help vet anywhere identify your pet.

Why microchipping your pets is important:

Collars & tags can get lost

Although collars and tags are very important, they can easily slip or fall off. Or worse, if your dog is stolen, they may even be purposefully removed. However, microchips are much more permanent, so your pet will always be able to be ID’d in case of separation.

Support & assistance

When you get your pet chipped, most registries offer additional services. When we got our pets chipped, we started getting lost pet alerts and would be able to put our pets on these lists as well. If your pet is missing, they send it to your neighbors, local animal shelters & veterinarians to help locate your loved one. You also can get 24/7 emergency medical hotlines, travel assistance for pets found far away and access to specialists that can help with lost pets.

Helping strays and preventing crime

Some communities are actually considering making microchipping mandatory for registered ownership. While this may seem like an overstep, it is actually very beneficial. Unfortunately, a lot of stray animals weren’t born on the streets but abandoned. This can help people think harder about leaving their pets behind when they move or feel the pet no longer “fits” in their life. Plus, it can help deter criminals from abducting pets or breeding them for fights and violence.

It’s easy to see that microchipping is a benefit for families and the community alike. Whether it’s reuniting a precious furbaby with their family, having assistance in a time of need or preventing criminals that prey on innocent animals, microchips help. If you’re interested, check out this list of where you can get your pet chipped in and around the Seattle area. And don’t hesitate to contact us for a vet recommendation!