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Love Your Pet Day – 5 Fun Celebration Ideas

In reality, pet lovers don’t need another day to celebrate how much we love our pets. It’s almost like how love birds don’t need Valentine’s Day as an excuse to lavish each other with attention.  

But…it’s always a good excuse! February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, which is the perfect time to give them a little special attention. Here are some great ways to celebrate “love your pet” day and show your fur baby some extra attachment this week.

  1. Make homemade dog treats – Everyone loves special treats on a special day, our pets included, so make some adorable pet friendly treats. Most of them aren’t that hard to make, check out all these awesome recipe ideas.
  2. Try something new – Go to a new park or walk a different route around your neighborhood. Maybe venture to a new dog park or even take them swimming at the lake. Just try to do a little something new in your routine to kick up the adventure.
  3. Do a DIY pet project – Make them a super cute new no-sow bandana, or even a great  homemade puzzle treat for them. Projects at home are a great way to show your affection. They are sure to love the new additions.
  4. Have a play date – Get with some like minded pet lovers with sociable pets and have a play date. Go to a local dog park or even host it at your house. Just make sure your dog is comfortable around others.
  5. Donate to pets in need – We lavish our pets with love everyday. Sometimes the best way to love a pet is to love those who are in need. Donate blankets, treats and food, toys and more to a shelter near you.

We know that as pet parents we care for our pets everyday, but it’s always good to have a day that we try extra hard. After all, our pets are our constant companions and sometimes are with us for only a short time. So it’s never a bad idea to lavish our love upon them! What special things do you do with your pet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!