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Mud: Stop Dog From Tracking In House

Some of us love a nice relaxing rainy day (I know I do!), but they can be messy. And they can be especially messy if you have a dog that needs to go out. This can easily turn a nice relaxing day into a mud cleaning mess. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to keep your dog from tracking mud all through the house.

1. Get a mat made for muddy paws

Grab a made for pets floor mat that is designed specifically for muddy paws. They are made to absorb water and mud, leaving the mess on the mat and off your floor.

2. Teach your dog to wipe their own paws to avoid mud

With or without the help of a muddy paw mat, you can actually teach your dog to wipe their paws at the door. It’s not as hard as you might think either. By harnessing their natural digging instinct, your dog can easily learn to wipe their paws.

Start by having your dog watch you hide a treat or their favorite toy in a towel or under a mat. They will automatically start pawing to get at the treat. When they do, give them tons of praise and a treat. They will soon associate the rug with treats and do it automatically (pro-tip: practice this at the door the use to come in).

3. Get your dog used to having their paws handled

Desensitize your pup’s paws by getting them used to have their paws touched. Start slowly and don’t be too forceful to make sure it’s successful. Offer treats and positive reinforcement while practicing with putting their paws in a towel. Once your dog is comfortable having their paw wrapped in a towel, start to introduce the gentle wiping motion. Any little bit of progress should be praised and make sure to give them a treat at the end of the practice.

4. Pick up some muddy paw cleaning products

Skip the mess altogether by getting your dog their very own dog booties. This will keep their paws dry and warm and you can leave them at the door with yours. Also, you can pick up some paw wipes that are more gentle on a paw than a towel and quickly remove the mud.

5. Teach your dog to stop and wait before entering the house

Having your dog stop and wait before entering your house is key to keeping your floors clean. Your dog needs to learn a sit and stay cue so they know to stop before coming inside. This will allow you time to check and clean muddy paws before entering the home.

It’ll be easier (and cleaner) for you to start this on a sunny day and do it every time you walk. That way it’s second nature for them to pause even on a rainy muddy day. Learn how to train your dog to sit and stay with this Training Guide from Nylabone.

Hopefully these tips will help save your rugs and your sanity from muddy paw prints. Happy Walking!

When you hire TAILored Pet Services, our walkers ask where you store the dog towels and use them to wipe Spot’s paws before bringing him inside. Depending on Spot’s needs, we have a monthly package to suit him so contact us for more information.