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A Field Guide for Working Dog Owners

We all enjoy a good day at some cozy place to hang out. That’s why your dog needs a safe area of the home to relax in while you’re gone. Many of us put in 40 plus hours at our day jobs every week. Not to mention the slew of errands we need to take care of and social events to attend. Needless to say, our days can be long. Thankfully we get to come home to a bouncing buddy and a wagging tail. But we can’t help but feel a twinge (or more) of guilt thinking about their hours at home alone.

However, just because we work, it doesn’t mean our dogs have to spend long lonely days at home. Thankfully, there are some easy and affordable ways for working dog owners to fill their days with comfort.

Get moving in the morning

It’s never a bad idea to try and get about 30 minutes of exercise first thing. Not only will this help tire out your dog a bit, it will actually give you a burst of energy. You’ll function better at your desk while your pooch can snooze a little bit of the day away (lucky dog).

  • Play a fast paced game of fetch or soccer
  • Strength train with tug-o-war
  • Take a power walk or jog
  • Go for a bike ride or swim

Set them up for comfort

Then load up their area with lots of snuggly goodness

 Keep them busy

Along with their own special space, it’s important to leave them with some stimulation. Bored dogs can easily get into mischief. Plus keeping their minds busy can help ease the anxiety some dogs feel when alone. Make sure to leave your pup with some of these fun playthings.

Schedule them a daytime walk

One of the best things you can do to help break up the day for your dog is a mid day walk. It’s great if you can run home in your day to see them, but that can be pretty tricky. That’s why it’s a wonderful idea to schedule a walk for them. Dog walkers will get them out in the sunshine, play a little bit and even give them some cuddles. It’s especially good for extra long days to make sure they are still safe.

It’s hard not to worry about your pet while you’re at work, but it’s easy to make sure they comfy and safe. And don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your dog a visit any time during your long day!