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Spring Activities You Can Do With Fido!

It’s always fun to take your dog with you when you’re traveling around the town doing fun things. Now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to go out and about with your pet. So, strap in your dog for these groovy spring fling activities.

Good Times for Easter

Find a dog friendly Easter Egg Hunt or take them to go see the Easter Bunny at your local pet store. Check out these upcoming events in the Everett area and add them to your calendar. If your dog isn’t exactly cut out for crowded activities, don’t worry. You can host their very own egg hunt at your house or in your yard. Place dog-friendly toys and treats in Easter eggs. Then, scatter them about the house. Just make sure to supervise this activity to make sure they don’t bite or eat the eggs. You can also opt for a cut tennis ball instead of eggs.

Retail Therapy

Shake off the last bit of the winter blahs with some spring shopping. Hit up your local pet stores like Paddywack in Mill Creek or Sam’s Cats and Dogs in Everett & Monroe that allow pets. Also, places like Home Depot and garden stores often let your pets inside as well. Make sure to stop by the toy department and get your dog a little something special.

Relax at the Winery

Kick back and enjoy a sunny day a local winery. Pack up the picnic basket, then load up your dog and friends for a day trip. Spend the day in some delightfully beautiful scenery while trying out some new flavors and pairings of wine. Stroll the grounds with your dog and simply relax. Check out places like the Spoiled Dog Winery, the Port Gardner Bay Winery, and more!

Doggy Date

Take your dog out on a lunch date. Many local places with outdoor patios will allow you to take your dog with you. Most of them will offer a bowl of water and a treat as well. Take a look at all the dog friendly dining in our area!

Tips for Spring Fling Planning:

● Plan ahead and add them to your calendar
● Make sure your pet is friendly and likes people/crowds
● Dogs need to be potty trained
● Take account any anxiety issues your pet may have
● Abide by all leash and tethering laws that apply in your area

And most of all, have fun! The relationships between people and dogs are so special. Taking time out to include your canine companion in your daily life will only strengthen that bond.

What are some of your favorite spring activities you enjoy with your dog? Post your photos/video on our Facebook and Twitter Channel.