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Creating an Easter Egg Hunt for your Dog

With Easter coming up, the traditional egg hunts are being planned everywhere. One of the joys of childhood, where candy is hidden and it was your job to find as much as possible. But did you know that they aren’t just for kids? Dogs love them too! And it’s easy to plan your very own Easter egg hunt for your dog. Here’s how!

Make your “eggs”

Do not use the regular plastic eggs for this hunt. Your dog can get too excited about the treat inside and crack the egg into pieces. Those pieces can cut their mouth, get stuck in their throat, or worse, get lodged in their digestive tract. You can use special toys that hold treats or just cut a large slit into a tennis ball and use that as an egg. Or skip the eggs completely and just hide treats in the grass or around your house.

Pick your treats

Once you know if you’re going to use “eggs” or not, it’s time to pick up the treats. Depending on your dog and the size of treats, you’ll probably need about 5-7 treats. Throw them off the trail by adding a few of their favorite toys in the mix. You can trick them by rubbing a treat on toy to give them that delicious treat smell. This will help add to the fun without extra treats. Too many rich treats can give them a tummy ache.

Count and hide

Make sure to count the eggs/treats while you’re hiding them. You don’t want any extra treats lying around your home or yard. That could cause unwanted bugs or critters and none of us want that! Hide them on the ground and in places low to the ground. Putting them inside or on top of places that your dog usually isn’t allowed could encourage unwanted behavior, like jumping on furniture or trampling flowers. Stick with under strong bushes or tables and in corners.

Let them loose!

Have them sniff the bag so they can get the scent of the treats. Then let them go and find all the treats they can! Encourage them and celebrate with them, it’s a great time for bonding with your dog.

Have you ever dog an Easter Egg hunt with your dog? Let us know how it went and any tips you have in the comments!

Don’t want to plan the event yourself? As we mentioned in last week’s blog, there are dog friendly Easter Egg Hunts you can participate in such as the one at the Dining Dog on Saturday, April 15: click here for more info.