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Weather-Prepare Your Dog When It Changes

Navigating the weather in spring can be a little tricky. Depending on where you live it can feel like winter in the morning and summer by the afternoon. No to mention random downpours and unpredictable hot and cold fronts. Luckily our dogs are pretty adaptable, but there are still some things you can do to help them stay comfy and dry in whatever weather spring may throw our way.

Keep an eye on the temps

Most importantly, you need to keep up with the temperature throughout the day. The average lows and highs in a day can differ at extreme levels. You may leave thinking it’s a cool day only to be coming home sweating, wishing you had a tank top and flip flops on. And that is when it is the most dangerous to take your dog with you in the car. Especially if you’re planning on leaving them in the car, even for the smallest errand. With temps as low as 70℉ it can easily reach over 100℉ in a vehicle within minutes. Be mindful of the temps to ensure their safety.

Weather essentials to have on hand

No one likes to get caught in the rain, our dogs included. Rain drops make their fur twitch and can be pretty annoying for our pups. Make sure to gear up with these items:
Doggy rain coat
Leash with umbrella

Combat the bugs

With spring comes fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. If you haven’t re-upped your dog’s flea and tick preventatives, the time is now. Make sure to ask your pet what the best preventative is for your pet and the area in which you live. And any time you come in from hiking or a day in wooded areas make sure to check your dog all over for ticks before going inside.

Dry paws are good paws

More often than not spring time equals rain time. That can often cause dogs to hunker inside avoiding potty breaks and walks. Even if they don’t mind the rain on their backs, they probably hate the feeling of soggy paws. Maybe to them it feels like walking around in wet socks? So if you have a picky pet who prefers dry paws, pick them up a pair of waterproof booties. This will make it easier for them to walk in the rain, dry paws and all.

There’s no doubt that spring is one of the most beautiful times of the years. With warmer temps and flowers blooming, it’s hard not to want to get out and seize the day. But the unpredictable ways of spring can also leave you wishing you stayed at home. Luckily, with a little planning you can make sure you and your dog have a lovely day.

When you hire TAILored Pet Services, our dog walkers keep a close eye on the weather and adjust the potty break/dog walk  accordingly. Depending on Spot’s needs, we have a monthly package to suit him so contact us for more information.