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April Fool’s Day Fun – Ways to Include Pet

It’s almost that infamous day for jokers and pranksters to have a little bit of fun. And whether you love it or hate it, there is always a laugh waiting for you on April Fools’ day. Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that are a simple farce. Where no one is terribly pranked and left feeling hurt. That’s where your pet comes into play. There are some hilarious and innocent spoofs you can spin to friends that are sure to get a laugh.

Check out these silly and safe ways to include your pet this April Fools’ day.

A Pet Sitter Does… What?

Call a friend or your neighbor and tell them your sitter had an emergency and you need someone to check in on your pet while you’re out. Then leave some over the top instructions to follow and act like it’s exactly what your sitter does when they visit. Include things like:
● Tell them to remove their watch, because watches offend your cat or dog. They can’t catch the second hand and it’s simply not fair.
● Write down lyrics to a silly song they are to sing to your dog while petting them in a certain sequence (like pet down twice, pat head once, ear scratch-ear scratch).
● Print out a decadent and over complicated recipe to cook for your pet.
● Leave fake poop or vomit all over the house and a cleaning supplies, ask them to clean up any messes that “may” have occurred.

Of course, make sure they know it’s a joke before they actually start this ridiculous list of chores!

Look what the cat dragged in…

Another funny farce is to pick up a handful of realistic fake snakes, rats, birds, and small rodents. Leave them all around the door ways, anywhere your cat frequents. Then squeal with laughter any time your unsuspecting family member runs into them and screams. Or stage a “massacre” of sorts coming from the front door and into the house. And don’t forget kitty paw prints to add authenticity.

A Sasquatch Sized Visitor

Stage a sasquatch raid in your home and yard. Make fake footprints by cutting out the shapes of two large feet (watch this video to learn how). Then make fresh tracks in the yard, leading around the yard and to your door. Lead them all the way to your pet’s food bowl and have kibble spread around. Take an old bag of kibble and shred it up on the porch as the footprints lead back out of the house. Call your neighbors and friends to come look and give them a good run before you tell them the truth.

Including your pets this April Fools’ day is an easy way to incorporate some light fun hearted jokes on our friends and family. What fun pranks have you played on the people in your life? Let us know in the comments or Facebook channel.