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8 After-School Projects For Kids and Dogs

After summer your dog can get a little bored. After all, they don’t get the morning snuggles, the all-day attention full of fun. More than that, once after school activities are in full swing, your dog can feel even more alone. In fact, it is proven that dogs really do miss us, especially after a summer of having playmates. That’s why we found this great list to help your dog still feel like a big part of the family during the year.

8 Fun After-School Activities for Kids and Dogs

  1. Run Errands Together – Since the weather is getting cooler, it’s a lot easier to bring your dog with you when your errands. While you don’t want to leave them in the car alone, you can always split up the duties of shopping and be watching the dog. Also, you can maybe even stop by a park on the way home.

  1. Read Together – This is a perfect activity for kids and dogs because homework usually includes a bit of required reading. Have your kid snuggle up with your dog and let them practice their reading and phonetics in a judgment free zone.
  1. Plan A Vacation – A fall or winter break during the school year is a perfect time to plan a vacation. Make sure to visit BringFido.com to get pet-friendly accommodations. Not only are rooms usually discounted this time of year, there are less crowds which makes it a perfect time to bring your dog!
  1. Exercise – Fall is the perfect time to go for a hike, play fetch, or visit a park with the whole family. “Not only is exercise a great way to bond with both your children and pets, it promotes physical well-being for the entire family,” says Dr. Rachel Barrack of the Animal Acupuncture in NYC. “It’s also a great stress reliever for kids, parents and pups alike.”
  1. Spend Time Teaching New Tricks – Have your own little obedience training session at home and let your kids help teach your dog a new trick or two. It helps your kids know that everyone has to follow the rules, but also lets them get a little taste of being in the driver’s seat.
  1. Get Your Dog Certified as a Therapy Dog – Usually family dogs are super friendly and that’s why they also make great therapy dogs. Make it a family affair to try and get your dog certified to be a therapy dog for your community.
  1. Holiday Arts & Crafts – Turn off the phones and the TV, get the whole family together for a little holiday craft planning. Create ornaments, hand and paw print crafts and even plan out a family portrait. Your dog often just loves it when everyone is together interacting, even when they aren’t exactly the center of attention.
  1. Cuddle Time – There’s no better way to shower your dog with some much needed love and affection than with a good dose of cuddle time. Pop some popcorn, maybe buy or make a few special dog treats and settle in with a great dog-friendly movie. Some of our favorites; Max, Homeward Bound, 101 Dalmatians and Beethoven, just to name a few.

There’s no reason for your dog to feel left out when school starts and the holidays are around the corner. It’s important to help them stay feeling like a part of the family even after the fun days of summer have passed.

Do you have a favorite activity you like to do with your dog? If so, let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear your story!