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Are Leftover Easter Eggs Good For Pets?

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know we did. It was a fun filled day finding eggs filled with candy, plus quality time spent with our families. And chances are now you’re left with a whole lot of boiled colored eggs. I swear we’ve been eating them, but I still have at least a dozen left in the fridge right now! That leaves a lot of pet owners wondering if eggs or the colored shells are good for our pets.

The skinny on the shells:

In general, there is evidence that supports eggshells as being an excellent source of calcium and protein for pets. Sprinkling about half a teaspoon of crushed shells into your pet’s regular food can help build muscle and strengthen hair and nails.


  • What about dyed egg shells?  As long as they are the typical non-toxic kid friendly dyes they should be just fine. These are usually colored with vegetable dyes or food coloring and won’t hurt your pet. However if they have glitter or other decorative material then you will want to avoid those.
  • Raw vs. Boiled Eggshells: Research doesn’t show that eggshell from raw eggs is a carrier of salmonella, still some owners prefer to boil shells before crushing them just to make sure. If the egg has already been boiled then it is fine. Also, it’s a good idea to store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them.

Eating Easter Eggs in General:

  • Did you use fresh eggs for your hunt? After about two hours bacteria can start to grow. So depending on how long your eggs were out you may just need to toss them out. Also, if they were outside in the grass, make sure to toss those shells and rinse them off thoroughly. There may be animal waste, pesticides or other contaminates on the shell.
  • How long ago did you hard-boil your eggs? Once an egg has been boiled it doesn’t keep fresh as long as a raw egg. You should eat them within a week of being boiled.

So, in general cooked/boiled eggs and their shells are good for our pets. However, we must tell you that some pets do get a little gassy from eggs. Would you like to know more about eggs and your dog? Check out this wonderful article from PetMD.