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10 Summer Fun Ideas for You and Your Dog

Summer and activities go hand in hand. Beautiful sunny days melt into warm and fragrant summer nights. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. And there are so many different things you can do this summer.

Our Top 10 Summer Fun Ideas For You & Your Dog:

  1. Create a water park:

    Grab a wading pool and a kid friendly sprinkler. Toss a ball through it to keep cool while playing fetch. Then let your dog dip their pads in a the pool.

  2. Try out Geocaching:

    Join the largest treasure hunt in the world and check out Geocaching. And it’s the perfect activity to do with your dog. Learn how to get started here!

  3. Check out a drive in movie:

    Drive-in movies usually let you take your dog with you. Pop some popcorn and bring the pup treats, then enjoy the show.

  4. Visit all of the dog parks:

    Instead of going to just one park, try to complete your city’s park circuit. Try a different park each time you head out. You may just find a new favorite!

  5. Go to brunch:

    Find a dog-friendly cafe and enjoy a nice weekend brunch. Most pet friendly dining areas will bring your dog a water bowl and a little something to eat as well.

  6. Frozen Kong:

    Stuff your dog’s Kong with a treat like peanut butter and then stick it in the freezer. Pull it out for a nice cold treat.

  7. Build an agility course:

    Make your very own agility course in your yard. It’s hours of fun that will also keep your dog healthy.

  8. Homemade Frozen treats:

    You don’t have to be a kitchen connoisseur to make you and your dog a popsicle. You can get some recipes here from Modern Dog Magazine.

  9. Take a hike:

    Find a nice shady park and hit the trails. Just don’t forget some hiking essentials, like water bowls, clean up bags, and treats.

  10. Hit up the local farmer’s markets:

    Peruse your local farmer’s market for some nice fresh veggies. Then while you’re cooking dinner, make some fresh treats for Fido too!

There’s no reason to be bored this summer. Try any of these fun ideas and have a great time!