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A Little Pumpkin For Your Little Pumpkin

Our kitchens are starting to get stocked up with delicious food; menus and family members coming over are being finalized, a sure sign that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While you’re busy figuring out what everyone would like to eat, don’t forget about fixing a little something special for your furry family members too!

A staple at the Thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie. And pumpkin is actually good for our pets too. But wait! Before you pick up that serving fork and plate, make sure you know exactly how to serve pumpkin to your little pumpkins.

How to Serve It

Do not give your pet pumpkin pie filling. These have added sugars and spices could upset their tummies. And be especially careful of sugar-free pumpkin pie filling, it could contain Xylitol, which could be fatal if your pets eat it.

Instead, give them natural unsweetened canned pumpkin. Put a little bit aside before you make a pie or buy a little can just for them.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

  • It helps digestive issues and hairballs: Being high in fiber it can relieve both diarrhea and constipation in both cats and dogs. It can also help with “scooting” caused by anal gland issues. What’s more, it has cancer fighting antioxidants and its seeds can also help cure worms and parasites. Another added digestive benefit is that the fiber can help fight against the formation of hairballs in cats.
  • It’s a great dietary supplement: For pets on the hefty side, pumpkin can be an excellent way to trim down their diet. Mixing in pumpkin in with their regular food will bulk up their food without a lot of added calories. They’ll still feel full even though you’re reducing their overall intake.
  • It naturally hydrates them: Sometimes our pets don’t drink enough water, especially when they’re on a dry food diet. This is a great way to keep their hydration levels in balance.

It’s simple to see that pumpkins are great for both our cats and dogs, so make sure to prepare some for them this Thanksgiving. It’s sure to make them feel just as special as they really are. After all, we are always thankful for our fur-babies!

Looking for more Thanksgiving feed tips? Check out this handy go-to guide from Nationwide Pet Insurance:

Our staff at Tailored Pet Services will ensure that your pup only eats food approved by you, and you can be sure to hear from us right away if we arrive to find your pup has eaten the pumpkin pie. More information about our professional service and rates can be found here, so check us out if your furry companion needs a walk or an overnight stay while you’re gone.