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Christmas Spending On Pet Gifts

We love our pets. They are a major part of our family. That’s why it’s no surprise when Rover.com surveyed over 1000 pet owners, 95% said that they have brought their pets presents on holidays. While that is a staggering number, is it actually surprising?  Our pets are truly special members of our family, so it’s natural to want to spoil them on holidays like Christmas.

What’s the average amount spent?

According to the survey, the average amount people spend on their pet’s Christmas gifts is around $36. However, there were 5% of respondents that replied they’ve bought items over $100 for their pets.

What do they spend it on?

  • Tasty Morsels

In my family, even if we don’t get our cats a toy gift, we always make sure they have some sort of special food for Thanksgiving and Christmas. According to the same study, more than 30% of pet owners get their pets some delicious tidbits of pet-safe people food. Popular items include beef, turkey, chicken and rice, or green beans and ham.

  • Adorable Outfits

It’s no secret that people love dressing up their pets. So, whether it’s a cute “ugly” Christmas sweater or a schnazzy winter coat, a dressed up pet in undeniably adorable. The same study also showed that 45% of pet parents have dressed up their furry friends at least once and 7% do it regularly.

  • Treats, Toys & Specialty Items

In an interview with ABC News,  Robert Gaudio, owner of Pussy & Pooch pet boutique in Los Angeles, said sales have jumped 20 percent during the holidays. “More and more, they’re treating their animals like their children,” he said of pet owners. After all, people do love to buy pet toys, specialty treats, kushy beds, and even spa treatments.

On average Americans can spend close to $60 billion a year on their furry family members. And of course we love our pets all year long, but Christmas just provides a perfect time to spoil them a little bit more than we usually do (wait, is that even possible?!).

What do you do for your pets during the holidays? Let us know your favorite traditions and presents in the comments below and on our Facebook and Twitter handles.