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Tired of Doggie Bags? Make a Compost Bin!

I’m sure you are all familiar with the old idiom “waste not, want not,” but what if the waste not, is in fact waste? You may be thinking “Um, say that again?” You read it correctly, however, because we’re talking about how to compost your dog’s poop.

And why not? A compost bin is a great way to reduce your household’s carbon footprint while also nourishing your garden of non-edible plants. Instead of tossing plastic bag after bag to be taken to ever-growing landfills, you could be sustaining and fertilizing a whole garden. The benefit to the planet is two-fold, creating oxygen while eliminating garbage.  So, hopefully we have you sold enough to tackle the issue of composting poop, which is surprisingly easy and sanitary.

Find the proper location

  • Make sure your compost is located over the water table to make sure it drains properly to avoid polluting the ground water (you want loose soil at the bottom of the hole, not water).
  • Do not use this compost for a food garden; it should be placed away from any garden where you are cultivating food.
  • Choose a well-drained area that is not too close to tree roots.

Next, create a compost bin for the waste and dig the hole

  • Find an old garbage can or plastic bin. The size will depend on how large your dog is and if you have more than one, but you want it at least 3 feet deep.
  • Cut out the bottom of the bin and drill holes in the sides.
  • Dig a hole in the ground large enough to fit the bin snugly inside.
  • Test drainage by using a hose and spraying it will water; the hole should have good drainage.
  • Toss rocks into the hole to help filter.
  • Place bin into the hole (you can choose to do it without a bin, but it helps keep the hole in place and not cave in).
  • Start loading the compost basin with waste.
  • Water the system with a buck of water about once a week.
  • Use a packet of Septic Starter once or twice a month (depending on how much waste is accumulating).

Once you have your compost bin set up, use the garbage lid to cover it. You should never need to clean it out; the waste will decompose, enter the subsoil, and enrich it on its own. Do NOT use dog waste on garden beds directly as fertilizer. If the compost bin fills up all the way, dig another hole and start a new compost.

And that’s it, now you’re ready to help feed your garden and save the planet one dog-poop at a time!

For a step-by-step guide and handy videos makes sure to check out this post on Pet Waste Composting from CityFarmer.Org

Our staff at Tailored Pet Services always make sure to pick up your pup’s poop on walks and follow your home instructions for disposal. If you’re interested in daily exercise for your furry family member, visit dog walking page for more information.