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Ways to Include Pets this Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas is the time for family. And there is also no doubt that sometimes our family members are furry and have four legs. So, this holiday season, make sure to include them in your festivities with these creative ideas.


We love putting up stockings for our two cats and even our leopard gecko. We put little cat nip toys and treats in them and new shed rocks for our gecko. After all, they truly are part of the family and deserve a stocking too.

Santa Photos

A new and adorable trend is taking your pet to get pics with Santa. However, sometimes our pets aren’t too excited to meet a giant red clad, bearded stranger (I know my cats wouldn’t be too excited). That’s why living in the 21st century is so great! You can visit sites like Design Dazzle where you can upload a picture of your home. Get your pets to pose by the tree and then photo shop Santa right there with them. It’ll be perfect for Christmas cards.

Holiday Day Dates

Our pets can sometimes feel left to the wayside as we head out to Christmas parties or have guests over. Add in the strangeness of the decorations and the changing weather, it’s no wonder they feel a little out of place. Make a day just for them; take them to the dog park, then a local pet friendly cafe, and top it off with a trip to the pet store for a special toy.

Food & Treats

Make them their very own Christmas plate with lean cuts of ham or turkey. Dish out some sides, like potatoes or carrots. Just make sure to do so before they are laden with spices, butter and cream. Those ingredients can cause some terrible tummy troubles for our fur-babies. You can also make delicious homemade treats for them. Check out these great recipes from PetFinder.com.

Foster Homeless Pets

Another wonderful way to incorporate pets into your holidays is to foster a homeless pet. You can give your social pet or kids a play mate for during times when you’re busy wrapping presents or spending time in the kitchen. You can find pets in need at local rescues like Seattle Humane, Old Dog Haven, and Everett Animal Rescue Foundation

What fun things do you do during the holidays to include your pets? Let us know on our social media platforms below; we love to hear about your traditions!