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Cleaning Products-Pet Safe & Store-Bought

In a recent blog, we shared some information about cleaning your home in a way that is safe and non-toxic for your family and pets. With a few key ingredients, it’s possible to safely keep your home spic and span! We realize that for some pet parents, the few extra minutes it takes to combine the ingredients just might be out of reach for the time being, so we decided to summarize some research from the mom.me website and provide you with a few must-have, store bought, non-toxic cleaning products that may be just as effective in keeping your home clean, the pet friendly way.

Are your pet’s paw prints and nose prints all over your windows, doors and glass tables? Fear not, my friends! We have two products that will curl your tail. Try Nature’s Source Glass Cleaner. This pet safe product packs a powerful punch without the use of bleach, phosphorus, dyes and ammonia. In fact, the ingredients are completely plant-based and biodegradable. Another great surface cleaner is Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner. This is the go-to product for every room in your home. Seventh Generation claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria with the use of products that contain essential oils.

Are stains and odor a problem in your home? If you have pets, the answer is probably a resounding, “YES”. You can try Caldrea Stain Remover. This sweet smelling product gets down to the nitty gritty with some oils that may surprise you. Geranium, jasmine, rose, orange and other sweet scents are just the beginning. You can also check out Eco-Care Stain and Odor Remover. This product is biodegradable and not only cleans up big messes using enzymes and pro-bacteria, it also helps remove odor and helps eliminate the chance that your pet will pee-pee in the same place again.

Is the pet odor on your clothing and/or pet bedding around your home impossible to eliminate? Not anymore. If you’re not familiar with the products by Nature’s Miracle, you should most certainly start a love affair with this one. Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost is a must-have for your laundering needs. This unique product breaks down all those stinky messes associated with our pets such as urine, feces, blood. It removes the stains and odors associated with even the biggest of messes. For those of you that are afraid to let go of your chlorine bleach because you want to keep your whites, white you should try Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach. It’s completely non-toxic and chlorine free, which keeps you and your pets safe.

This is just the beginning, folks. There are many other top rated products out there that you can grab right off the shelf if you’re not ready to make your own at home. But, as always, education is key here so, we highly recommend that you do a clean sweep of the current products in your home.

Remove any cleaning products that contain the following chemicals from your home:

• Phenols
• Isopropyl alcohol
• Formaldehyde
• Phthalates
• Bleach
• Perchloroethylene

When you sign up for TAILored Pet Services dog walking or potty break visits, we will use whichever cleaning products you make accessible. We offer numerous monthly packages depending on your mid-day visit needs so contact us for more information.