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Alternative to Plastic Doggy Bags

Plastic grocery bags are like tribbles. Much like the fictional alien from the original Star Trek, these plastic bags multiply at an exponential rate. They seem to be easy substitutes for doggy bags, but occupy a huge amount of space in your cabinet and take years to biodegrade. Unlike the famous Enterprise, our homes and landfills don’t have to be overrun with pesky polyethylene.

There are ways to collect your dog’s waste that are not only environmentally friendly but just as effective and sanitary as plastic bags. We previously posted about making a compost bin for doggie waste, but not everyone has a yard to create one. Here are some environmentally friendly alternatives:

It’s like a porta-potty for the doggy. You place the poof disk where your dog is squatting, then use the drawstring to tie it up. The lining keeps away smells, so you can carry with you until you make it to the bathroom where the poo is flushed and the poof is cleaned off.

This option looks a little like an ice cream cone ( we apologize for ruining chocolate ice cream for the day). It’s an easy design and is truly biodegradable, but there are mixed reviews on how well it works. It more than likely comes down to the size of your dog and their diet. Check out this video showing exactly how to use the Scoopeasy!

These are super easy to use and compact biodegradable doggy bags to stash your dog’s waste. The website claims they are environmentally friendly compared to other plastic bags because they break down within a year. It’s a great way for neighborhoods and parks to stay clean, and these bags take up much less space than a grocery bag. 

  • Flush Puppies

Doggy bags you can flush?! I was initially skeptical of the flushable wipes, but they’ve never done me wrong. Why not have flushable bags? We may have to ask the plumber to weigh in on this one, but this option seems convenient. Please note that because of the chemical composition of cat waste, these bags do not work with your feline friends. Sewage treatment plants cannot filter out some of the toxins in cat waste and it harms marine life. 

When it comes to discarding your dog’s waste, only you know what works best for your dog. However, it is good to know that there are other options out there. Weigh the pros and cons between ease and environmental impact. When in doubt, trial and error is never a bad thing.

At Tailored Pet Services, we strive to always pick up your dog’s waste no matter where we are. We know cleaning up after your pup helps keep the community and environment clean. Whether your pup is out on a walk or playing in the yard, our dog walking staff will always have doggy bags handy (either ones you would like to provide, or our own). If there is a specific type of bag you would like us to use, we’re happy to make sure those instructions are followed. Check out our dog walking page if you need a responsible team to look after your furry loved one.