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Celebrate Boxing Day With Your Cat

After Christmas, we often turn the calendar to see that unusual and sometimes misunderstood holiday, Boxing Day. Growing up I naturally always thought it had to do with the sport, that maybe in the UK they really just loved boxing.

You can imagine I was pretty surprised to learn that it is actually a day of giving. It’s a day when gifts are given to the less fortunate or to workers from their employers. However, since here in the US we don’t traditionally celebrate Boxing Day, why not make a new twist to it, one that may just turn into your cat’s new favorite holiday.

Instead of throwing out all of those empty boxes leftover from Christmas, set them up for your kitty! Here are some super fun ideas for you to try with your cat.

Cat-Castle: Your cat will love having their very own castle to play in. I mean, they are all feline royalty after all, right? Check out this cute and easy tutorial on how to make a cat castle.

Toy Box: Play a few balls or a catnip knock around the toy in a big box. Sprinkle some extra catnip around and let your furry friend enjoy an afternoon of batting practice.

Baby in a Box: After a hard day of playing (and snacking) your kitty is going to need to relax. Put a soft blanket inside for your cat to curl up in for a nice nap.

Don’t Toss Them: The good thing about boxes is that you can easily fold them up and store them for later. You don’t have to wait until Boxing Day to play with boxes! Save them up to add fun to the next rainy and cold winter day.

There are a lot of fun things you can do with boxes that will keep your cats entertained. Just make sure your phone battery is charged so you can take some videos…because that’s what the internet is for!  Speaking of which, here is one of my favorite video of cats enjoying boxes – watch it now!

  • Create a fortress or castle by combining boxes of various sizes and cutting out doors and windows for your cat to peer out of. Just make sure your cat can easily get out without risk of becoming trapped inside.
  • Throw a small ball or toy mouse into a box and watch your cat bat it around inside (bonus: the toy won’t end up under the sofa or refrigerator).
  • Sprinkle some catnip into the box and let your cat roll around in it.
  • Place a soft blanket inside a cozy box for your kitty to curl up inside.
  • Cats love variety, so try folding up some of the surplus boxes and bringing them out throughout the year.