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4th of July: Keeping Pets Relaxed

Many Americans celebrate the birth of our nation on the 4th of July by taking a trip to the beach, hosting friends/family for a BBQ, or attending a professional fireworks display. While organizing your festive 4th of July, don’t forget a plan to keep your pets calm during this noisy time of the year. Pets may panic from the loud sounds fireworks produce or could be stressed by the large volume of guests entering/exiting the house. Here are five easy tips to ensure that your dog or cat has a stress-free holiday.

  1. When loud noises abound, turn down the sound: Most pets are unaccustomed to loud sounds so the constant booming of fireworks could be stressful for them. Make sure all the windows are closed and turn on the TV or radio (classical music is a good choice) to offset the firework noise.
  1. While the neighborhood roars, keep pets indoors: Keep pets indoors on July 4 (don’t forget to escort dogs out for a bathroom break every four hours). Watch your pets closely so they don’t accidentally bolt out an open door/window and ensure your pet is wearing identification with current contact information just in case.
  1. Until the noises subside, give your pets a place to hide: Supply a sanctuary in an interior room of your home as far away from the noise as possible. Help Fido or Fluffy become comfortable in the sanctuary before the holiday. If you’re hosting a party, place your pets in the room with the door shut for their safety.
  1. To reduce the stress your pet has to endure, try a natural cure: Bach Flower Remedies (made from spring water and wild flowers) can be used to calm a pet’s fear of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.). According to the website, “Rescue Remedy can be rubbed on the animals gum, ears or paws as needed or you can add 2 drops to the drinking water”.
  1. To prevent your pet from going on alert, invest in a Thundershirt: Massage or pressure has been used to reduce tension/anxiety and the shirt works the same way by applying “gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s or cat’s torso (similar to swaddling an infant).”

Nobody wants their holiday interrupted because of a frightened pet so use these five calming techniques to keep your furry loved ones stress-free this Independence Day!