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Valentine’s Day Hazards To Dogs & Cats

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we know you are thinking about your furry pet on this special day! Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable for your pets too if you remember that some V-day traditions are harmful to them. So, out of love for Fido or Boots, here are five ways to make sure your furry dates stay safe and happy.

  1. Snohomish County pet sitting company shares five Valentine’s Day pet hazardsCanine Coco-tastrophe: Everyone knows pets are not picky about table scraps–even ones that are bad for them. Chocolate is rampant during the season of love and the sneakier pooches might try to get in on the action. It can cause a range of really nasty symptoms from vomiting and diarrhea to seizures and even death!
  1. Candy Is Not So Dandy: While we’re on the subject of sugary delights, it isn’t just chocolate you need to watch for. Unless you eat too much, candy is a good time for us humans–but the components that make candy oh-so-sweet can cause loss of coordination and seizures due to low blood sugar in dogs.
  1. Wrong Kind of Litter: Sometimes it isn’t the food the pets are after. We know from experience that our cats will try to eat any ribbon or string they can get their paws on! Pets are susceptible to choking on any wrapping debris left over from gifts. Make sure you clean up before your furry friend has a chance to gobble down a balloon or two.
  1. Fire Can Be Dire: Candlelight provides a nice ambiance for the evening; however, blow them out before leaving the room. Fido or Boots could burn themselves or knock them over and start a fire.
  1. No Flowers for Felix: Many plant varieties are toxic to cats, such as every species of lily. The ASPCA has a handy library of toxic and non-toxic plants for pet owners to give it a peek if you’re not sure. Better safe than sorry! Rose thorns can also harm a curious pet, especially if ingested–and what’s worse, the wound can get infected.

Nobody wants their romantic evening interrupted by a trip to the vet so be aware of these five hazards to keep your furry loved ones safe this Valentine’s Day!

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