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Dog Team Spirit on Super Bowl Sunday

Are you excited that our Hawks are heading to the Super Bowl again? Is Fido excited too? Your dogs want to celebrate their team spirit just like anyone else so TAILored Pet Services found five hawks-related dog gear items to help your furry friends show off their #BeastMode.


  1. 12th Pup T-shirt ($16.00): Your dog is going to need something to wear leading up to the big game–something that says, “I am a cool, casual pup but I love those Hawks!” Well, we found the perfect shirt for you. The design doesn’t grow with the shirt, so there will be more white space with a size large than a size small, but it’s a really classy design and very well-made!


  1. Paracord dog collar ($15.00): Paracord is all the rage in handmade dog collars right now – the strong cord weaves together to make a strong collar that will stand up against the partying your pup will be doing on Super Bowl Sunday. The charms are stainless steel to withstand weathering and if the ’12’ design doesn’t do it for you, BigKittyDesigns also has collars available with a Seahawks logo charm!


  1. Customized NFL jersey ($39.95): What better way to get in the spirit than buying you and your dog matching, NFL-sanctioned Seahawks jerseys with their own names on it! Jerseys are a classic, and look good from the teeniest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes. You can guarantee everyone else will have one, so your pooch shouldn’t be left out of the fun!


  1. Fleece Seahawks Dog Bed ($40.00): Does your dog live, breathe, eat and sleep #beastmode (especially that last one)? This fleece bed will give him somewhere comfy to watch the game and crash when it’s over and filled with football-shaped cookies. As an added bonus, everyone will compliment your wonderful taste when they see it in the corner of the living room. The bed is just the right balance between solid colors (green on the sides and gray on the bottom) and the pattern on top – it’s definitely flashy, but not overwhelming.


  1. Fashionable, puffy vest ($39.95-$59.95): It’s hard celebrating the sweet feeling of victory when it’s so cold outside! Warm and water repellent, this vest will definitely help your dog endure the rainy Seattle weather! The vests are more expensive than the jerseys and T-shirts with the largest sizes at almost sixty bucks but there are plenty of stores that carry them, so you might find a deal somewhere.


Hopefully these five items will inspire you to find a way for your four-legged friends to show off their team spirit in style.