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Hiring a Dog Walker: What to Ask Beforehand

Choosing a walker for your canine friend is a major responsibility.  Not only are you trusting a “stranger” to care for your furry family member but that “stranger” will have access to your home (keys, alarm codes, etc.). Trustworthiness is the foundation of your relationship.

Your dog walker, or Pet Nannies as they are called at TAILored Pet Services, becomes your dog’s mid-day best friend so choose wisely for your own peace of mind and your furry baby’s happiness.

Trusting Fido to a stranger is a huge step. Using Google to find a professional dog walking company that services your area is one option; however, investing time to chat with other dog owners or pet-related businesses such as pet stores and vets is a good place to obtain recommendations.  Hearing the same name numerous times is a good place to start; however, doing your homework is important because you want someone trustworthy to care for your furry family member.

Below are 5 questions to ask when considering a company or individual for the job.

1. Can we arrange a time for you to come over to meet my dog and I?

As the owner, you are entitled to know who will have access to your home and your dog is entitled to decide if this human is trustworthy. During this initial consultation or Meet and Greet as they are called at TAILored Pet Services, you should have the opportunity to meet your walker and show him/her your dog’s routine and what you’d like him/her to do. It is a very important to confirm who will be coming to the consultation especially with larger companies. In some cases, the owner does the consultation and another individual does the actual walking. It is important to make sure the person who is walking the dog is a good fit for Fido.

  1. How many dogs do you walk at a time?

Some companies offer pack walks; for example, an hour walk is 45 minutes of picking up and dropping off other canines and 15 minutes of walking. If you prefer personalized attention for your dog, expect to pay around $20 for a 30-minute walk. If you have more than two dogs or prefer your dogs to be walked separately, ask the company if they divide your scheduled time to accommodate this situation.

  1. How do I know the walker came?

Hearing about your dog’s adventure, bathroom status and health issues are important. Ask the company how they communicate: written report, text messages or emails. Confirm the company can communicate in the way that works best for you.

4.  Are you bonded and insured?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen: lost key; attack by an off-leash dog, injury from broken glass. Your dog walker should have insurance to pay the vet bill or rekeying your locks if something happens on his/her walk. A business services bond protects customers in the event an employee commits theft.  Companies who are bonded are going the extra mile to prove they have a clean record.

  1. Can I be assured of the same dog walker each time?

Dogs are pack animals and will bond with their walker so asking this question is a very important. On the other hand, people get sick and like to take vacation so you want a company who can provide a substitute. Finding a company who has the ability to provide a primary and a back-up care giver so Fido will be comfortable being covered in any situation will ensure his happiness.

The above five questions are good start when deciding who to entrust with your dog’s care.  Are ready you to find that perfect dog walking company?

TAILored Pet Services is here to help. We offer numerous monthly packages so your dog receives exercise on a consistent schedule. Contact us for more information.