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New Year’s Resolution – Volunteer as a Family

The family that volunteer together feels cheered together… okay, that may sound corny, but you know it’s true. Volunteering provides a way for families to work together for a cause that’s important to them. People who love all things furry can use this opportunity to better the lives of less fortunate animals while also giving their children a chance to see the change they can create with just a little effort.

Being a volunteer also provides an opportunity for families to form supportive environments within their communities. Taking time to volunteer helps inspire as well as equip and mobilize children and youth so they aren’t afraid to take action in order to create the changes the world that they want to see.

If you are passionate about furry friends, you can help them while giving back to your community, either by participating in a corporate volunteer program or directly with a non-profit. Animal rescues, non-profit organizations, and many other volunteer programs are directed at benefiting the lives of animals that have come from less than perfect circumstances. Not only can you make a difference for these animals and the organizations that work hard to help them, but by volunteering you and your children can see first-hand the benefits of these programs and see the power of your actions.

Let’s face it, family volunteering is fun. Whether you are working with an extended team of cousins and grandparents, or small nuclear family, volunteering as a family fosters quality family time. As a family, you can volunteer at walking rescue dogs; playing with kittens; or raising donations for charities to better the well-being of furry friends all over. You might volunteer for an adoption day, or help to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Numerous options are available for you and your family to make a difference in the lives of cats and dogs (and other animals) that need someone in their corner.

As a strong family unit, you can work together to create a better world for those who don’t have a say. What is more rewarding than that? How will you and your family volunteer in 2016? Some of the non-profits Tailored Pet Services staff/clients volunteer with include Everett Animal Shelter, ARF (a non-profit branch of Everett Animal Shelter), ODH (Old Dog Haven) and PAWS; however, there are many more to choose from. Need more ideas? VolunteerMatch is a great place to start (don’t forget to include “animals” in your cause area).

We’d love for you to share how you volunteer by posting on our Facebook page!