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Euthanasia – when is it time to say goodbye

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare: the day you have to consider euthanasia. We all imagine that our dog will naturally go in their sleep, and even that is a depressing thought. We love our dogs like any other member of our family and losing them is something we can’t help be selfish about and reject the idea altogether, but after reconciling with it, you just can’t bear the thought of them suffering.

Getting the Bad News
The truth is, even the dog breeds who can live for 15-20 years, their time on this Earth is too short. When your dog gets terribly sick, it is a soul-crushing road that is filled with denial, sorrow, and pain. In the end, you know your dog the best, so it is your decision to make whether it is worth seeking further treatment or to put him or her to sleep via medical euthanasia.

Making Tough Decisions
If you are worried about the state of your dog’s health, you should take them to the vet, immediately. The warning signs to look out for that you dog has a terminal illness like cancer, renal failure, or a life-threatening injury are:

  • Loss of appetite, energy, strength
  • Heavy and regular panting when not hot
  • Trouble sleeping, restlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unusual stool color, consistency
  • Loss of balance, sight, hearing

If your dog exhibits any of these and the doctor confirms that their condition will not improve because of their age or the severity of the illness, you may receive some options on whether to consider euthanasia now or wait until their condition worsens. It’s a terrible proposition where both outcomes mean saying goodbye to your loved one, but it is a serious choice you need to consider.

Finding the Happy Ending
Some owners find a way that they can treat their dog’s condition and improve their quality of life long enough to live a few more years, sometimes just a few months, but that all depends on your financial situation and the type of illness your dog has.

Oftentimes we can’t afford the exorbitant fees that come with pet care, this is especially true for cancer and renal failure, two very common causes for older pet death. The treatments can also lead to more suffering, from operations or chemotherapy, for example.
This is why preparing for that fateful day sooner, rather than later, is important so that you can say goodbye to your pet with nothing but happy thoughts and peace of mind.

Family First
Talking with fellow pet owners who understand what you’re going through is the best way to come to the best conclusion about when to say goodbye. Try not to spend long periods of time with yourself locked away from your family or friends while making your decision, it is harder on you and your pet when you are beating yourself up about doing something that is medically necessary.

Euthanasia is the most peaceful way for your dog to go and you should not feel bad for sparing your dog any experience of pain and suffering during their time here on Earth. If you prefer Fido’s final moments be in the comfort of his own home, the Paws Into Grace website is a good resource.

One thing that is unique about TAILored Pet Services is that we have a retired vet tech on staff who can provide a physical assessment of Fido to help our clients decide if it is time to consider euthanasia.

Hopefully, Fido has many more years to bring happiness to your family. Does he need some extra exercise? If he does, we have a monthly package to suit him so contact us for more information.