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Dog Walk: Sunset Avenue Park in Edmonds

Sunset Avenue Park (between Bell and Caspers Street) is one of the busiest pedestrian spots in Edmonds because you have an unobstructed panoramic view from Kingston to Mt. Baker on a clear day.

On a sunny day, people of all ages can be seen using the walkway on two legs (runners/walkers), wheels (wheelchairs, baby strollers, bicyclists, skateboards or roller blades) or combination (seniors using a walker). Fortunately, there is plenty of room to safely accommodate all the pedestrians, dog walkers and baby strollers who use this gem because of a reconfiguration in 2014. During a stroll through the park, people can watch various modes of transportation going by (trains, planes, ships, ferries) or just enjoy nature (birds, sunset, occasional whale). On the other hand, you can also admire the view from your car. Roll your windows down to catch the breeze from the water while reading a book, eating your lunch, doing paperwork, talking on your phone or working on your laptop.

We love walking our furry clients along the grassy path adjacent to the paved walkway for two reasons: (1) breathtaking view of the Puget Sound and (2) socialization with other dogs (we see at least 2-3 dogs on a typical walk).

If you are looking for a place in Edmonds to walk your dog with a breathtaking view, Sunset Avenue Park is a great choice. Hopefully, watching the video and reading about it will inspire you to plan a typical “Edmonds Kind of Day” with your four-legged friend soon.

Do you live in Edmonds, work long hours and need help walking your furry friend? TAILored Pet Services is ready to help with Spot’s activity needs by walking him through a park like Sunset Avenue. We offer numerous monthly packages so your dog can spend time plenty of time in nature so contact us for more information.