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5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Puppy

Did you just get a new puppy? Are you thinking of getting one? Well, in either case this is the list for  you!  After all, there are just some things that every dog owner needs!  Right? Well, and other things are just too cool to pass up.

  1. Collapsible Water Dish or Doggie Water Bottle: Hydration is important during exercise; this is true for both you and your pup. Dehydration can have severe and dangerous consequences. This is why it is important that you have the proper gadget to keep your puppy hydrated and healthy. There are two perfect options for this: Try a collapsible water dish that you can fill up with your own water bottle. This is especially handy if you are not fond of carrying a bottle that is made for dogs to drink out of. There are even special bottles that come with a removable plastic bowl so that you can and your puppy can share water without sharing germs! The Gulpy or the Gulpy Jr. water dispenser for pets is sort of perfect, as is the Outward Hound collapsible travel bowl.

  2. Light Up and Reflecting Collar and Leash: Light up gear is a great safety gadget. In the dark it can be difficult for cyclists and drivers to see your puppy, especially if Fido has dark fur. Using a Light up and reflecting collar/halter and leash gives your furry buddy the extra protection needed for some evening exercise. Kolbu Suvia Dog Collar with LED Lights features a bright LED stripe which runs through the center of the black band in a brilliant color of your choice. The LEDs run on batteries with a 100 hour lifespan! You won’t run out of battery life anytime soon! PupLight2 Twice as Bright with Reflective Dog Safety Collar is extremely bright and has reflectors around the collar. The Dog-E-Glow LED Light Up Leash is another option to catch the eye of a driver in the dark. It looks pretty spiffy too!

  3. Doggy Poop Bags with a Dispenser: Don’t be unprepared when your little stinker makes a stinker. Biodegradable waste bags reduce your impact on the environment. Many of these bags conveniently come with or fit into a dispenser that clips to your puppy’s leash to ensure you’ve always got one ready to go. Earth Rated® Green Dispenser with Dog Waste Poop Bags is a favorite; partly because the dispenser makes life easier and the bags are lavender scented which is great on your nose if you have to carry the bag a distance before throwing it out.

  4. Good Brush: Getting the right brush for your puppy and his/her fur type is important. It really makes all the difference. Dogs that shed need regular brushing and require a brush that will help with that undercoat. The FURminator works like magic. This brush is perfect for dogs with various coat lengths and it significantly decreases your dog’s amount of shedding with incredible ease. For dogs who don’t shed a lot it is still important to brush to avoid matting. The KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush removes loose hair similar to that of a magnet and is great for dogs with shorter coats. It is also a wonderful bath time tool. How? Use it with shampoo as it massages while you brush. Ahhhhh…..

  5. Attention Retaining Toy: While you love spending time with your puppy, sometimes you just need some time for yourself. When it is one of these times, a great item to have is a toy that will not only grab his/her attention but hold it as well. Toys such as the Ethical Products Flip ‘N Flap puzzle toy are great for holding your pup’s attention. It “features two ways to challenge your pet: roller wheels that open flaps where treats can be hidden and sliding discs that conceal small treat cups”. With sheer determination and a little time, your pup’s efforts will be rewarded and you will be provided with some peace and quiet. Because each dog has their own favorite toy, look for one that matches Fido’s personality. Fortunately there are plenty of options. Remember, toys aren’t just for fun. The right toys provide your dog with mental stimulation and boost those problem solving skills!

When you sign up for TAILored Pet Services dog walking or potty break visits, we will use all of these gadgets during our visits if you make them accessible. We offer numerous monthly packages depending on your mid-day visit needs so contact us for more information.