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5 breeds of dogs that are good for kids

5 breeds of dogs that are good for kidsYou’d like to adopt dogs but you have children or are expecting and not sure which breed would be best. Fortunately, petMed put together a list of approved kid-friendly dog breeds and we’re going to share five of our favorites below:

1. Bulldog: One of TAILored Pet Services clients is a bulldog, and he’s the funniest little guy we’ve ever met. Bulldogs are lovable and loving and will play with–and protect–the family with every ounce of their big, goofy hearts. They are generally couch potatoes and don’t need a lot of room, and built to withstand any roughhousing your tykes have to throw at them.

2. Collie: Every expert on rough and/or smooth collies mentions that they are excellent with children–with the exception that they can try to herd them. While high maintenance, these dogs really do make up for it by living up to their Lassie legacy: collies are gentle, brave and ready to play and very smart. Every herding dog can be guarded with strangers, but to their family especially children in that family, their loyalty is steadfast.

3. Newfoundland: If you have ever even seen a picture of a Newfie, let alone known one, you know that they have a very trustworthy look. Plus, they are endlessly patient and tirelessly devoted–a “gentle giant.” They’ve been used as rescue dogs for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. This motherly breed will love and watch over your family-guaranteed.

4. Labrador Retriever: Everyone is familiar with Labs; you can hardly turn around without seeing one which may be because they have definitely earned their place on everyone’s top 10 lists. Labs are playful, protective, relatively low-maintenance, and most importantly they make great pillows for any sleeping child.

5. Golden Retriever: TAILored Pet Services has had the pleasure of taking care of numerous Goldies and they were the most devoted, loving creatures we have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their intuition, intelligence and confidence make this breed a top notch choice for your child-friendly needs. They won’t be afraid, but they won’t be pushed around, either. The Goldie is a breed that knows how to gently but firmly tell children, “no.”

While breed does play a big part in a dog’s hard-wiring, it’s important to remember that they are individuals just like you and me: there are lazy border collies and hyper bulldogs out there just waiting to be given a chance. Maybe what you really need, or want, is some lovable mutt to bring into your home? That’s great too! When choosing a new family member, research is key. When you’ve settled on the right type of dog for your family, consider adopting from a local shelter: PAWS, Everett Animal Shelter, and NOAH.

When you find that perfect furry baby for your family, TAILored Pet Services is ready to help with your mid-day dog walking and/or potty break needs. We offer numerous monthly packages so your dog doesn’t have to hold it until you come home from work. Contact us for more information.