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Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips for Dog


Tis the season for friends, family and holiday feasts—but also possible trouble for our canine friends. They won’t be so thankful if they munch on undercooked turkey or a pet-unfriendly floral arrangement.

Here are some tips for a great Thanksgiving that your dogs can enjoy too:

Keep gourds out of reach.  Although, nontoxic, such plants can induce gastrointestinal upset if your pet eats enough. Intestinal blockage can even occur if large pieces are ingested.

Talkin’ Turkey: Turkey fed to our furry family should be boneless and well-cooked. Don’t offer raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella.

Sage Advice: Sage is delicious to us, but it and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause dogs gastrointestinal issues and central nervous system depression if eaten in large quantities.

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake: Keep your dogs from sampling the batter, especially if it includes raw eggs–they can contain salmonella, which may lead to food poisoning.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Here and there, a little turkey, mashed potato, or even pumpkin pie shouldn’t pose a problem. However, moderation is key, as they could wind up with an upset stomach, diarrhea or even worse—an inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. Dogs are actually best kept on their normal diets for the holidays.

No Bread Dough: Don’t spoil your pet’s holiday by giving him raw bread dough. Experts say that when eaten, a dog’s body heat will cause dough to rise in the stomach which can cause vomiting, severe abdominal pain and bloating, which can be life-threatening and require surgery.

A Feast Fit for a Kong: While the family is chowing down, give your dogs their own feast. Nylabones, made-for-pet chew bones, kong toys stuffed with their usual dinner—with tiny bit of turkey, vegetables (try sweet potato or green beans) and a bit of gravy–are all great ideas to keep your dog happily occupied.

Please share this article so others can have a safe Thanksgiving with their canine friend.