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Why Exercise is Important for Your Dog

To Fido and Fifi, going for a walk is so much more than just bonding with their human. It reduces boredom, offers entertainment, helps maintain a healthy weight, presents opportunities to explore, provides training opportunities, and teaches Fido how to socially interact with other dogs. Exercise is beneficial for both dogs and humans so here are six reasons to walk our furry friends.

1. Bored dogs are destructive. Confined dogs may do some unwelcome behaviors such as chewing or tearing things up in order to pass the time. Adequate exercise can lessen or eliminate bad behavior.

2. Dogs don’t entertain themselves. When dogs go outside all day, they’re much more likely to stand, sit or lay around whining about how bored they are rather than entertain themselves. As their loyal humans, it’s our job to keep them properly entertained by providing exercise like walking and/or playing.

3. Exercise helps with weight control.  An inactive pooch can rapidly become overweight so exercise FiFi regularly to prevent her from possible health complications from carrying extra weight. Another benefit is your well-exercised dog will behave better because she’s tired.

4. Dogs want to explore–it’s in their blood. Wolves can cover miles in a single day so they to keep up-to-date on their territory. Walking your dog simulates this endeavor and fulfills the primal need to keep current on things in their territories. The greatest part of walking with a dog on their scouting excursions is we become a part of their pack.

5. Training can be reinforced. A walk is a good time for training because everyone is focused. Reinforce good behavior while your dog is already in the mood to follow. If they don’t know how to follow yet, work on that task.

6. Meet and socialize with other dogs. One reason people give for not walking Fido is he is aggressive toward other dogs. Forcing Fido to do something he is uncomfortable with isn’t beneficial for all parties involved; however, walking provides Fido an opportunity to learn important social skills he wouldn’t otherwise learn without being exposed to other canine friends.

The Pacific Northwest is waiting for you and your dog to explore. Hopefully these six reasons will inspire you to plan an adventure with your four-legged friend soon.

Do you work long hours and need help walking your four-legged friend? TAILored Pet Services is ready to help with your dog’s activity needs. We offer numerous monthly packages so your dog receives exercise on a consistent schedule. Contact us for more information.