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Adopting a Puppy: What to Consider Beforehand

The holidays are almost here and many children are begging for a puppy. Finding an adorable, soft and cuddly furry baby under the tree would definitely put a smile on their faces; however, are you prepared to give your new addition a forever home? To help you make a decision, consider these six scenarios:


  1. Financial Costs: Can you afford it? The first year of annual expenses for a medium size dog are approximately $1,500 for food/treats, medical, toys, license, spay/neuter, collar/leash and training.


  1. Workday Schedule: What is your work schedule? Puppies should be given the opportunity to go outside every four hours. Is it feasible for you to come home at lunch to let him out or financially able to hire someone to do it for you?


  1. Evening Schedule: Your new puppy may not be able to wait until morning to go potty. Who is responsible for the early AM potty break? Unfortunately, a 2AM winter potty break may be wet and/or cold!


  1. Caregiver: Who is going to make sure Fido is walked, fed, bathed and trained? Asking children to help with pet care tasks is a good way to instill responsibility; however, many tasks will fall back on the parents after the newness wears off. Are you prepared for the time commitment?


  1. Location in Home: Puppies want to live/sleep near their families because they are pack animals and want to belong to a social group. Will you have room in your home when your puppy is full grown?


  1. Training: You are committing to a 10-15 year relationship with Fido so taking the time to train him is money well spent. Classes will teach you how to handle behaviors such as nipping, biting, and jumping. Are you committed to the time and expense?


Hopefully, pondering these six scenarios will help you decide if adopting a Christmas puppy is a good fit for your family. If a puppy is still on your Christmas list, consider adopting from a local shelter: PAWS http://www.paws.org, Everett Animal Shelter http://www.everettarf.org ,and NOAH http://www.thenoahcenter.org


Do you work long hours and need help with your new puppy’s mid-day potty break needs? TAILored Pet Services is ready to help! We offer numerous monthly packages so your puppy can go outside on a consistent schedule. Contact us for more information.