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Dog Walk: Yost Park in Edmonds

Yost Memorial Park may appear unexceptional from the parking lot; however, it provides a rare opportunity in Edmonds to step back in time to see how this city appeared a century ago with its native vegetation and creek winding through the woods towards the Puget Sound.

When leaving the parking lot, you will notice there are no signs or map to direct you so plan to download the trail map before you go: During your journey through this Edmonds wilderness, you will discover the trails are short (quarter-mile or less); however, the boardwalks are very slippery when wet and the gravel path may be rocky and/or uneven.

We like walking our furry clients through the park all year because the trees provide shade on hot summer days and protection from the rain during the rest of the year. Our favorite walk is along Shell Creek Nature Trail over boardwalks and bridges.

According to the City of Edmonds’ website, wild life can be found throughout the park: raccoons, mountain beavers, shrew moles, opossums, bats, Pacific tree frogs and giant Pacific salamanders. So far, none of our furry clients have brought these animals to our attention; however, we continue looking for these elusive creatures.

If you are looking for a place in Edmonds to walk your dog while escaping city noise, Yost Memorial Park is a great choice. Hopefully, reading about it will inspire you to plan an adventure with your four-legged friend soon.

Do you live in Edmonds, work long hours and need help walking your four-legged friend? TAILored Pet Services is ready to help with Fido’s activity needs by walking him through a park like Yost. We offer numerous monthly packages so your dog can spend time plenty of time in nature. Contact us for more information.