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Your Four-Legged Friends Are Not Just Pets—They Are Your Furry Children.

Work With A Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Company Who Understands This Relationship!

Our bonded/insured/pet first aid certified pet nannies have been servicing Edmonds, Everett, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Mill Creek/Bothell 98012, Mukilteo and Snohomish Since May 2011

Professional Pet Care Services

Dog Walking


Dog lovers live busy lives and sometimes it just isn’t possible to walk our furry friends. We’ll exercise Fido so you have a cheerful and calm friend afterwards. Whether he needs a potty break, leisurely stroll or brisk walk, these customized visits will happen regardless of the Pacific Northwest weather. 



Puppies and seniors don’t have the stamina for a walk so our 15-minute visits are perfect! We’ll come and let your puppy/senior dog out into a fenced yard so they can go the bathroom and have time to sniff/play. Plenty of cuddles included and we’ll even feed your puppy or give medication to senior if needed.



Dogs love to explore so we drive them to a nearby park. Depending on what’s close, excursion could include hiking, swimming, sniffing, rolling, hunting, picnicking in beaches, rivers, or forests. For safety, we’ll avoid off-leash dog parks if other dogs are present or we can take to a private one.



We will have a slumber party in YOUR home with your pets as the guest of honor so they remain in their own environment and maintain their normal feeding/sleeping routine.
Woman with two dogs providing in-home boarding


While your 2 dogs or dog/cat live with a TPS family, they can relax inside her home, sleep on sofa/bed, frolic in fenced yard and cuddle with host while she works/watches TV.


We’ll come 1-2 times daily to clean litter box, refresh water, refill dry food and wash bowls before feeding fresh wet food. Visit will also include plenty of TLC, play time and brushing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to earn your trust as well as your business. We believe we are the best; however, what YOU believe is all that matters.
We want you to be totally thrilled with our service…so absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors.
If you decide that you are dissatisfied with the service we provided after 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money with only one question: “how can we do better?”
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do any of these scenarios describe your situation?

Work From Home?

Work From Home?

Having your dog part of your office zoom meetings may be distracting. We’ll take Fido out so you have a quiet and productive meeting.
Dragged During Walks?

Pulled During Walk?

Is Fido walking you rather than the other way around? We’ll use a Harness Lead to ensure a brisk walk (pulling ceased with 95% of clients).
New Puppy?

New Puppy?

Does your puppy need frequent trips outside to prevent accident clean-ups? We’ll come 1-2 times daily to ensure she is taken outside to potty and clean-up any messes she’s made.


Are you injured or physically unable to exercise your dog? Our early bird rates will ensure your dog goes out 4-5x per week for a morning stroll.
Dog Can’t Attend Daycare

Can’t Go To Daycare?

Dogs who are shy, bully or suffer from separation anxiety aren’t good candidates for daycare. Our visits will provide the exercise she needs.
Long Commute/Work Long Hours?

Lengthy Commute or Work Long Hours?

It’s not always feasible to rush home during lunch to relieve your pet. Our mid-day walks will ensure your dog has time for a bathroom break and time to stretch his legs.
Bored dog?

Destructive or Bored dog?

Sometimes dogs become destructive when left alone for long periods because of boredom. We’ll stop by mid-day for playtime/exercise to burn off some of that energy.

Pregnant or just gave birth?

Pregnant or just gave birth?

Adding a baby to a family is a joyous occasion but can also be physically stressful. If you’re pregnant or just gave birth, we’ll take your dog for a walk so you can focus on your health.
 Live in an apartment?

Live in an apartment?

Is your residence missing a yard so letting your dog out is a challenge? We’ll take your dog for a walk around your complex or drive to a nearby park for a change of scenery.
Woman at the airport

Business Traveler or Taking Vacation?

Don’t let your pets stop you from taking a vacation or business trip. We’ll come to your home so they maintain their normal routine and remain in own environment. 

Our Clients Love Us!

Here are some of the tailed friends that we have the privilege of caring for.
Brenda in Everett 98201
Antigone and her team at TAILored Pet Services are incredible. They are reliable, economical, and will probably love your dog more than you do! They are small enough to feel like you know them personally, but big enough that if your dog walker is ill or on vacation, they have others who will come and take care of your dog. Your walker will leave a note, giving you a summary of the walk and letting you know if there are any concerns. I cannot recommend them enough.
Brenda in Everett 98201
Shannon in Everett 98203
I really love Tailored Pet Services and my pup Lilly loves her walker Trena. They are flexible, fair priced and overall a great company to work with. I am so glad I found them as I was in a pinch to find someone to care for my pup while I work long hours. If you need to find a reliable and respectable dog walker for your pet, these guys will fit the bill perfectly!

Shannon in Everett 98203

Eleanor, Golden Retriever, Mill Creek 98012 Client

I have used Tailored Pet Services since September 2011 for my pet care needs and I can’t praise the service enough. Antigone goes out of her way to ensure excellent customer service. Not only does she do an amazing job taking care of our dog when we are gone but she is honest, thoughtful, thorough, and easy to work with. Besides providing peace of mind when we are gone, she is knowledgeable and helpful. Antigone calls herself a pet sitter/dog walker; however, I don't think of her that way. She's like having a member of your family that loves your pets the same way you do. I was so nervous the first time we used her but she texted me pictures daily and left updates about them to read when I returned home so I have never worried since and nobody else should either. We’ve had two dogs in the past ten years (Amelia and Eleanor) who considered her just an extension of their family. Thank you, Antigone. I don't know what we would do without you.

Denise in Mill Creek 98012

Nancy in Everett 98201
Tailored Pet Services has been really great for my dog. They are reliable, friendly and care for my dog very well. I love the post walk status and note card detailing the activities. Also the flexibility is really convenient and helpful with a hectic work schedule. They have willingly added an additional visit on days when I’m working later than expected as well as added additional days to weeks where I’m unable to make it home. They also do a great job of following explicit instructions regarding my dog’s needs. I’m really fortunate to have found them. I highly recommend this company to anyone with a pet.

Nancy in Everett 98201

Before You Go...

Did you know that your dog’s bowl is one of the “germiest” items in your home? It’s true! According to a 2011 study, your dog’s bowl comes in at number 4.

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