dog-trainer-Lise-LausivaTAILored Pet Services believes that obedience training is an essential part of dog ownership because a well-trained dog is happier because he is allowed more freedom. Dog training is not a service we offer; however, we are thrilled to refer you to our colleague Lise with Paws Afoot!

Paws Afoot Dog Training is a licensed and insured pet service provider owned and operated by Lise Lausiva, CCS. Lise is a certified professional positive dog trainer uses only humane and highly effective positive reinforcement training methods and tools during her private training sessions and group classes. She covers basic training skills and addresses problem behaviors including separation anxiety and aggression issues in puppies and dogs.

To contact Lise about your training needs, contact her at, 425-350-5288,

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Below are three more reasons why you should train your dog:.

  1. Becoming Fido’s Leader: Training reinforces the bond between dog and owner. It builds understanding, communication, and mutual respect, and effectively shows Fido that you’re the pack leader (frequently referred to as “Alpha”). When your dog doesn’t acknowledge you Alpha, he may be difficult to control if he’s dominant or rowdy by nature.
  2. Saving Spot’s Life: Training provides the dog owner with voice control which could prevent a tragedy. For example, Spot can be called back safely using a trained command if he becomes loose due to a broken leash or opened door.
  3. Living with an untrained dog: Many dogs are likely to misbehave if they aren’t trained properly. Unfortunately, when dogs misbehave, everyone exposed to the dog suffers: (1) Fido’s confused because everyone’s upset with him for misbehaving (2) the family is frustrated because Fido won’t behave; (3) neighbors are unhappy because Fido is a nuisance; and (4) all dog owners because tougher restrictions will be placed on all dogs because of a pattern of disruptive dogs.

Do you want a dog who exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. goes everywhere with you because he isn’t a nuisance or risk to others
  2. exhibits good manners while guests are visiting
  3. displays appropriate behavior around children
  4. doesn’t lunge at people/other dogs walking by

If you do, contact Lise at, 425-350-5288, to get started today!

Need a dog walker? Check out our monthly rates page!


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