Leo–Mill Creek/Bothell  & Everett 98208 Dog Walker

Ever since third grade, I’ve lived my life with my dog Sydney. We adopted her when she was one year old from a family who found her living in their neighborhood. She’s been with me through thick and thin. Sydney has seen me through my first heartbreak, cuddled me when times were tough, and was always willing to cheer me up with her kisses. We see her as part of our family.

When our family adopted another, younger dog from a relative, I became suspicious: Why do we need another dog? How can he replace Sydney? I couldn’t even imagine growing up without her. But after a few months, I noticed a few momentous changes. Despite being fourteen years old, Sydney began acting like a pup again. She ran in our backyard without a care in the world. Before Quincy, she slept in her bed most of the day. Now she has a partner in crime. A brother that cuddles her when her joints start to stiffen. Honestly they’re the cutest couple in the world. I can see now how I prioritized my wants and needs over Sydney’s. She needed someone to take care of her like how she took care of me.
Both of my dogs have taught me how much I love working with animals. Pets have the uncanny ability to sense how we’re feeling and support us through those tough times. They are emotional pillows we can cuddle with! Although I am a little biased, I especially love dogs. Their demeanor and love of life jives with my personality.

A bit about myself: I love being outside in nature and working with my hands. I grew up with a big backyard and a mother who loves her garden as much as her own children. When spring finally hits, our entire family would be weeding or transplanting or running around with the wheelbarrow. Nothing compares to the fresh air from a well-tended garden or a hike on a Washington trail. Our family loved to take hikes in the summer. Sydney would always take the lead, making sure no danger would lie ahead. I’ll always remember those road trips we had.

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