Help My Dog Bit Me


When your dog bites or even strong nips at you, it is a shocking experience.

German shepherd
dog in training

Sometimes the sweetest, most devoted dog can gnash his teeth into your tender skin. I’ll never forget the first time my dog Rigby nipped me. He truly is the sweetest miniature schnauzer and we were all a little shocked. After thinking about it for a few minutes we determined he probably thought that after bathing my son, that I was going to bathe him next (something I usually don’t do) and was scared. Thankfully he didn’t even really break the skin, but I think that was the point. He had just gotten over some digestional issues, so he hadn’t been feeling that well that week. And he was just giving me a, “I’m scared! Don’t take me off the bed!”

Why did my dog bite me?

There are so many different factors that can contribute to getting a dog bite. Also, these bites can also vary in seriousness and intensity as well. If you feel like your bite is severe, make sure to seek medical attention before trying to treat it at home. Continue reading

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A Field Guide for Working Dog Owners

Miniature poodle puppy who's happy with her scheduled daytime walk and playtime.

A playful miniature poodle puppy
with a pink ball.

We all enjoy a good day at home when we have to have a cozy place to hang out. That’s why your dog needs a safe area of the home to relax in while you’re gone.Many of us put in 40 plus hours at our day jobs every week. Not to mention the slew of errands we need to take care of and social events to attend. Needless to say, our days can be long. Thankfully we get to come home to a bouncing buddy and a wagging tail. But we can’t help but feel a twinge (or more) of guilt thinking about their hours at home alone.

However, just because we work, it doesn’t mean our dogs have to spend long lonely days at home. Thankfully, there are some easy and affordable ways to fill their days with comfort.

Get moving in the morning

It’s never a bad idea to try and get about 30 minutes of exercise first thing. Not only will this help tire out your dog a bit, it will actually give you a burst of energy. You’ll function better at your desk while your pooch can snooze a little bit of the day away (lucky dog). Continue reading

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What You Should Know Before You Test Your Dog’s DNA

Chance is a rescue from Texas and would be a good candidate for a DNA testLately, DNA testing has been a pretty popular topic. I have had a good handful of friends get their own DNA test through and tons more say they would love to do it as well. With a quick swab of your cheek you can tell exactly the line of your heritage. But what you may not know is that you can actually DNA test your dog as well.

In fact, a few years ago a New York city co-op was making headlines when they had pet-owning residents produce documents that proved the breeds of their dogs. If they dog is mixed, the co-op would need a break down of the percentage to decide if that dog would be accepted. This had tons of residents left feeling discriminated against since the co-op bans 27 breeds.

However, dog DNA testing is now more mainstream and is used for curious owners and animals shelters. Continue reading

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Top 10 Pet Safe Plants for Gardening

pet safe plants for your gardenSpring is the season for sprucing up your gardens and porches. However, there are some plants out there that are not pet safe. So, before you hit up the nursery make sure you know that you’re not accidentally buying a toxic plant.

Continue reading

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Weather-Prepare Your Dog When It Changes

Navigating the weather in spring can be a little tricky. Depending on where you live it can feel like winter in the morning and summer by the afternoon. No to mention random downpours and unpredictable hot and cold fronts. Luckily our dogs are pretty adaptable, but there are still some things you can do to help them stay comfy and dry in whatever weather spring may throw our way.

Keep an eye on the tempsdog carrying umbrella in case the weather changes

Most importantly, you need to keep up with the temperature throughout the day. The average lows and highs in a day can differ at extreme levels. You may leave thinking it’s a cool day only to be coming home sweating, wishing you had a tank top and flip flops on. And that is when it is the most dangerous to take your dog with you in the car. Especially if you’re planning on leaving them in the car, even for the smallest errand. With temps as low as 70℉ it can easily reach over 100℉ in a vehicle within minutes. Be mindful of the temps to ensure their safety. Continue reading

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Microchipping Your Pets-3 Reasons Why

Scanning for microchippingIf you’re a pet owner,  you’ve probably heard about microchipping your pet. This method of identification is different than your usual ID collars and pet tags. Microchip implants are an integrated circuit that is placed under the skin of your pet to help ID them in case they are lost. It’s usually about the size of a grain of rice and will help vet anywhere identify your pet. Continue reading

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Pet First Aid Month

When we get hurt or injured we usually know what to do. But do you know what to do if it is your pet that is the one that is wounded? Since April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month it is the perfect time to go over the basics. Being able to react quickly with some basic knowledge can help keep them stabilized until you can reach the vet. Every second does matter and could possibly save your pet’s life. Continue reading

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Are Leftover Easter Eggs Good For Pets?

leftover easter eggs for petsWe hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know we did. It was a fun filled day finding eggs filled with candy, plus quality time spent with our families. And chances are now you’re left with a whole lot of boiled colored eggs. I swear we’ve been eating them, but I still have at least a dozen left in the fridge right now! That leaves a lot of pet owners wondering if eggs or the colored shells are good for our pets.

Continue reading

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Creating an Easter Egg Hunt for your Dog

With Easter coming up, the teaster egg hunt for dograditional egg hunts are being planned everywhere. One of the joys of childhood, where candy is hidden and it was your job to find as much as possible. But did you know that they aren’t just for kids? Dogs love them too! And it’s easy to plan your very own Easter egg hunt for your dog. Here’s how!

Continue reading

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Spring Activities You Can Do With Fido!

It’s always fun to take your dog with you when you’re traveling around the town doing fun things. Now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to go out and about with your pet. So, strap in your dog for these groovy spring fling activities.

Good Times for EasterSpring Activities You Can Do With Your Dog

Find a dog friendly Easter Egg Hunt or take them to go see the Easter Bunny at your local pet store. Check out these upcoming events in the Everett area and add them to your calendar. If your dog isn’t exactly cut out for crowded activities, don’t worry. You can host their very own egg hunt at your house or in your yard. Place dog-friendly toys and treats in Easter eggs. Then, scatter them about the house. Just make sure to supervise this activity to make sure they don’t bite or eat the eggs. You can also opt for a cut tennis ball instead of eggs. Continue reading

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