Is It Legal To Bury My Dog in the Backyard

Tombstone for pet grave

A tombstone of a pet grave with flower.

The passing of a furry family member is never easy. And a lot of times we find comfort burying them nearby. Especially if it is somewhere in the yard where they used to love to play. But did you know that in some places it is illegal to bury your dog in the backyard? In fact, there are many places that have regulations and guidelines for using your yard for a pet burial.

It may have never occurred that laying your beloved pet to rest in your backyard could be a problem, but there are several reasons why. Continue reading

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Digging

Dog digging a hole in grass at lawn.

Golden Retriever dog digging hole in grass lawn

It’s no secret that dogs love to dig holes. Still, we often wonder exactly why dogs love to do this, and more importantly, how we get them to stop digging? Nothing is worse than spending hours on your yard and garden only to have your dog ruin it with holes. Thankfully, we have some answers for you that will hopefully save your soil and your sanity.

Hunting Prey

More often than we know, there are burrowing animals and insects in our yards. Your dog is often just trying to root them out. If this is the case, you see holes in one single area, around the roots of plants and trees or in a path. Continue reading

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Do Dogs Dream

Chihuahua puppy sleep. Good night speech bubble.

Adorable dog lying on sofa. Cute looking purebred pet.

When my dog is snoozing soundly and starts to whimper and kick I playfully like to say, “Aww, he’s chasing dream squirrels again!” It’s easy to think that they are dreaming just like we humans do, but do they really? Luckily, we’re not the only ones who’ve asked this question and now we have some answers.

 The Dreams of a Dog

 In short, yes our dogs do dream.

How do we know? Well, MIT researchers took this question to heart and decided to study brain activity in rats back in 2001. What they discovered was that the rats had the same level of cognitive activity in REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep as if they were running a maze they had completed earlier that day. Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

Dog digging a hole in he backyard.

Purebred dog laika in a garden.

A dog burying items in the backyard is an image that we all know. Whether from comics, TV or our own life experience, we can all picture a dog proudly toting his treasures around to be hidden somewhere. So, why do dogs like to bury things like bones and their favorite toys? In short, it’s because they want to to keep them safe and protected. It derives from a behavior that was necessary for survival in past generations of canines.

The history of hiding treasure

Back when dogs were wild, they roamed in packs. Hunting for food often took days and a lot of energy. Once they were able to catch and kill something, they had to protect it from scavengers. Continue reading

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How Do You Clean Your Dogs Ears

Dog's ears being checked by a vet.

Veterinarian checking dog’s ears

Our dog’s ears are very special. They hear everything and twitch with excitement. And because they are so special, it’s important to keep them clean. While you don’t have to clean them every time you bathe your dog, you do need to clean them fairly often. Some dogs are more prone to ear infections, so depending on their genetics, you may need to clean them more often. Always talk to your vet about recommendation of how often to clean your dog’s ears.

Examine Ears at Home

Every week or two you need to take time to examine your dog’s ears. Check for signs of infections, parasites, dirt and irritation. If you can catch issues before they become big problems you’ll save your dog lots of pain and discomfort. Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers

whiskers on a dog's nose up close

close up of a dog’s nose

Every part of our dog’s face is adorable. From their cute little noses to their loving eyes and their little twitching whiskers. But did you ever wonder why do they have those whiskers? We know that they are common in many mammals, but exactly why do our dogs have and need them?

Making Sense of Their World

Mostly, whiskers, or technically called “vibrissae” are used to by mammals to sense the world around them. Dr Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, states these long coarse hairs, “play a special role in tactile sensation, helping animals define where they are in space.” With the help of their snout and olfactory senses, whiskers help dogs learn about the world around them. Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails

Cute dog chasing his own tail.

Elevated view of Jack Russell terrier chasing tail view on grass

Chasing tails, it’s one of the most entertaining things a dog can do. Actually, it is so amusing that you can find tons of YouTube videos of them at any given moment. It is a sight that brings a smile to almost everyone’s face. But, did you ever stop to wonder why do they do it? And if they do it compulsively, is it a serious problem?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails? 

  • Boredom – More often than not your dog will chase their tail because they are bored. It’s just a fun little game they play when they want to have fun and burn off some energy. It’s usually picked up during the puppy stage and can continue to young-doghood. Puppies sometimes don’t even understand that their tails are actually attached to them and see it as a toy which leads to the fun chasing game.

Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Howl?

siberian husky sitting and howling

Cute siberian husky sitting and howling on green grass

At some point in our lives, we have all heard the sound of a dog howling. In fact, I have a dog that howls every time he hears some kind of siren. And I’ve always wondered, why do dogs howl? Finally, I have some answers.

Communication to the Pack

One of the earliest reasons dogs began to howl was to communicate with their pack. As you know, howls are loud and can be heard from a good distance. It acts as a vocal homing beacon to guide the members of the pack back together. Continue reading

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5 Common Reasons Your Dog is Scratching Himself

purebred Siberian Husky dog scratching fleas in the backyard – some movement of head and foot

Whether it’s the jingle of their collar or they paws thumping on the floor, we all know the familiar sound of our pets scratching. While it is extremely normal for all of us to itch, it’s always good to know why our dog is scratching. It may just be a small twitch, or it could besomething more serious like fleas. Here are the most common ways our dogs scratch.


Even if there isn’t a big flea infestation, flea saliva from bites are very reactive. One bite can cause what is called Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FDA) which is a hypersensitivity to flea bites. This can make the bite site extra itchy which can cause major irritation on their skin. You can help prevent exposure to fleas by limiting access to places like wooded areas, dog parks, and kennels. Plus, make the most of flea prevention topicals, collars, and oral medication. Continue reading

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Dog Bloat How to Protect Your Pup

English Bulldog in a grass

Happy english bulldog laying in a grass

In May 2017, Tailored Pet Services lost our furry Director of Love and Fun to a condition called “bloat” so we wanted to educate the public on this series condition.

We’ve all been bloated and it can really feel terrible. However, usually it’s nothing that a little Pepto or Alka-Seltzer can’t fix. Unfortunately, for our dogs, it can be a little bit more serious. Much like us, dog blog happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food or fluid and makes it expand. When this happens in our dogs it puts pressure on other organs, which can lead to some grave problems such as:

  • Tears in the stomach
  • Difficulty breathing
  • No blood flow to the heart or stomach lining

Continue reading

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